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Sword Art Online: YouTube

By rossdraws
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IT'S HERE!!!! Here's my piece for my Sword Art Online episode that is now out! This was so fun and nostalgic to make. You can also find the tutorial and package for this on my Patreon:) Hope you guys enjoy the piece and video!! Asuna Hides Behind Kirito Icon Anime Emoji (Oh yay dance) [V2] 

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IDollAnnieNew Deviant

when the fans make the characters more beautiful than the corporations with bookoo money to spend to do so ^^^^

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LuisSweenyNew Deviant
👨🏻‍🦰That's super Awesome‼
Im a huge fan of that Role -Play virtual reality game❕
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ERICTORIIHobbyist General Artist


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I don't get why this anime has such a poor rep (no this is not some invitation to rant about what y'all don't like about SAO bc I don't wanna hear it), but I absolutely love how you drew these two and I'm happy that you're a fan!
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EAMMMHobbyist Digital Artist


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Gracyfangirl2020Hobbyist General Artist
I hate this Anime but your Art makes me want to change that opinion real quick
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Wow this looks so good
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arvalestosHobbyist General Artist

beautiful as always Ross!

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Beautiful and well done
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The Abridged was better by AU (Astronomical Units).

PS: Way to go to let Kirito look like the villain here GEEETTTTTTT DUNKED ON!!!!! 
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poosuwanHobbyist Digital Artist
Kiritooooo > W < blushing emoji 
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GoldenSparklezHobbyist Traditional Artist
are you selling this as a print????? because holy

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SeijiwanHobbyist Traditional Artist
perfect painting blackswordman kirigaya
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otakudbzHobbyist Digital Artist
Kirito and Asuna look great in this artstyle! Loved it.
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OMG!!!! SAO!!❤❤❤❤
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I just want you to know how happy I am you draw this. Love my new phone wallpaper
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CRF-GalaxyStudent Digital Artist
Sword Art Online, YASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS, I will love you forever!!!!!! And watch you forever!!!!!! Don't take it literal though... hehehehheee I'm so funny, :laugh:  
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Cementshoes011Student General Artist
I love SAO so much also this is fantastic!
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HeiTotakuHobbyist Traditional Artist
Kirito face looks so evil :'D Asuna beauty~~
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ShadowGarnetReignsHobbyist Traditional Artist
Now that's what I call majestic. Best picture of SAO I've seen here
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Badass!  Kirito's grin looks a bit on the evil side but I love the cool confidence Asuna is radiating!
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Amazing! ❤
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my all time favorite .....SAO....thanks well done.
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This has to be one of the best SAO fan art pieces I've ever seen.  Excellent work!
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