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Hope everyone is having a great summer! Painted this before bed last night. I'm such a...NIGHT OWL 😬

I made a video recently on how I do these, feel free to check it out!

PATREON! (Video demos, tutorials, and Goodies :3)  👈 

⭕️⭕️  Official Store and Site is LIVE!</a> ⭕️⭕️ :happybounce: 

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PowerPuff Witches : YouTube! by rossdraws  Maleficent : YouTube! by rossdraws  MERCY : YouTube! by rossdraws  KORRA!!: YouTUBE! by rossdraws  Red Leaves: YouTube by rossdraws  Witch Girl : YouTube! by rossdraws
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Sorry, I'm using the translator, sorry for the bad translation, it turns out that there is a somewhat questionable person using his art in a book written by him, where he will technically make money. On the cover, his signature is extremely blurred, there is no way to distinguish it. I would like to know if you have authorized (the book link:

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she's pretty for a drawing... Owl looks evil.. lol

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bro your amazing
Give this man A temple in the sky! HO hO!
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i'm speechless... everything about this is just AMAZING!! i love the little owl (OvO)
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I don´t know if I told you that already, but this image has been my wallpaper for almost a year on my work computer. There´s something about this image that makes me happy. Can´t explain exactly what it just do. I guess I fell in luv with your drawing ^^.
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This is amazing!!! I'm a huge fan of your work and always love seeing what you create next!!!!Llama Emoji-21 (Speechless) [V1] 
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Wow your art is really good! If you want to share ideas and tips check out my gallery, now excuse me while I browse yours further haha
Cat by Lyght337   Black Widow Fan Art by Lyght337   Selena ( Dia del Muerto) by Lyght337   My Depression (India Inked) by Lyght337  
Colors for the hair are so bright and amazing!
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omg i love that hair
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Nice art work check out my Page
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Amazing hair coloring. Great work
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This is a great study.
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This. Is. Amazing. I'm speechless. 😮
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I'm falling in love with all your draws!!
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