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Runescape Mage and Warrior : YouTube!

By rossdraws
Hey guys! Here's a Commission I did for Runescape!! So excited to show you this. In the video, Milo and I went on an Art Adventure playing Runescape and drawing our characters. I loved how it ultimately ended up, hope you guys enjoy it Emote Flame Princess evil 

 ✨ Video: ✨

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Light and Dark by rossdraws

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Now, this is a magazine cover! I am not kidding at all, I would love to see this on a gamer magazine or a huge poster related to a gaming convention. Never stop drawing! I will be following you in order to see what are you doing to draw next. I have just discovered this game, despite the fact that is pretty old, and I simply love it. Some friends, who have been playing it for a while have shown me this site called and I was able to find some interesting stuff there related to Runescape. It's so useful to find new information related to the game!

Kay, to be honest this looks like these two are modeling for the cover of a magazine. Which cracks me up because the fantasy armor and the extreme glow up and the lighting makes this looks like the most extra photoshoot for a magazine cover ever

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I like your art style ❤:)
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Very cool, I love "Dynamic Duo's" :)
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Really like the girl to the left ^^
She's quite the cutie and could easily fit into a fantasy native or Egyptian setting.
Amazing! Love this piece!
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it is really awesome :)
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Amazing artwork!
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OMG, so beautiful
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amazing colorsWWE - Shocked/Wow 
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If you were in charge of the art style for runescape 4 I would lose years of my life playing it.
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This would make me play runescape again
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I can never get enough of your artwork!! You're such an inspiration and great role model! Love your content!! 
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:) (Smile) :) (Smile) :) (Smile) Clap Clap Clap 
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awesome job totally Kick in ass
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Hot damn. love the magazine cover vibe. Great stuff as always Ross!
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That one girl looks like she has deviled egg earrings and I'm perfectly fine with that.
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#OldschoolIsBetter Any chance you've done or are planning some oldschool art?
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