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I'm still in the Winter feels and painted this portrait! It's seriously one of my favorite times of the year when tons of inspirations emerge. Hope your 2017 is ending on a good note! Snowy Animated ❄️
Thanks to the amazing reference by @faestock

PATREON! (Video demos, tutorials, and Goodies :3)  👈 

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Mom's Drawing! : YouTube by rossdraws  Pocahontas : YouTube! by rossdraws  Maleficent : YouTube! by rossdraws  MERCY : YouTube! by rossdraws  Red Leaves: YouTube by rossdraws  Witch Girl : YouTube! by rossdraws
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Very lovely art! :D

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Right? I've been checking back every now and then to see if he'd ever add a credit to Fae, and I almost can't believe he finally did.

But really.. I've seen at least 3 other pieces in his gallery that are referenced (sometimes heavily) with no credits to the original artists, and it's sad to see. Especially with an artist of such recognition. :/

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MHM! Markiplier clapping (F2U) Honey Markiplier clapping (F2U) that! Is Markiplier clapping (F2U) a Markiplier clapping (F2U) work Markiplier clapping (F2U) of Markiplier clapping (F2U) art.
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nice motherfucking job dude
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This one is pretty lovely, man.
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Wow thats amazing!! My mouth dropped Clap 
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so nice *-* super!
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Its pretty Heart 
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Awww ❤❤❤ almost looks like a grown up version an old character I drew a while back! ❤ love this image! Awesome work!

Snowgirl by Ayldien  
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Ooh this is a more realistic approach. It's a bit different from your usually highly stylized drawings of people, but it still has a Ross touch. I like it it!
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ugh! Beautiful (no matter what i do, my hands never come out good).
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you need to add your stock credits
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Yo, I thought that looked like you. Yes he needs. I'd not have expected this from such a well known artist.
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*sigh*.  If only he listened.

Thank you.
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I don't think he skims through comments since he gets heaps. Maybe a DM would help?

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I have done so, but still no response
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Looks like Anna :)
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Love the colors!
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