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Redrawing my OLD ART! :D

HEY GUYS!! Thanks for the LOVE this past few months. I wanted to make an episode redrawing one of my old art pieces from when I first started art. I'm SO HAPPY I IMPROVED!!! Mileage, Time and Hardwork is definitely paying off. Hope you enjoy it!!


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This is very inspiring. Seriously I really mean it. To see your old and then compare it to the new im speechless. Looks amazing!
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wow~ it looks awesome 
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Oh man, I gotta get better at drawing!
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I always love it when great artists don't shy away from showing their old art. It's very motivating to see that we all had humble beginnings! You've improved so much in less than a decade and it's crazy to see. It's gonna take time and a looooot of practice but if I just put in the hours, I believe one day I can draw and paint as well as you. I hope that doesn't sound like I think too highly of myself (because I don't -- I just try to stay positive). Love 
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shake dis booty girllll yeaaa
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Your a BadAss Now! but Man you use to Suck.
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Looks so nice. You have improved so much!
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g00-N's avatar are a great inspiration! ... \\//_
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It's this kind of trend that makes me inspired to work hard and dream of what my progress will be in 8 years.
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Awesome and even better.
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what amazing progress :)
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both look really good tbh
BlackieBird's avatar
except in the newest one.

your skills have evolved 
RealDoneUniverse's avatar
Lots of improvement here
IloveSkrillex97's avatar
His art in 2009 was still really good
RgDraw's avatar
Nice work! Great improvment dude ! :D
AthWrg3's avatar
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can't say it looks worse
Matsuko-san's avatar
Amazing progress!
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that's the progress! :D
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This has got to be one of the best improvements in a re-draw. Damn fine work! :)
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