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Power Puff Girls : YouTube!

Drawing the Power Puff GIRLS!!! This was my childhood so I hope you enjoy it :)

Please Enjoy!:

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Wow so totally awesome great artwork 🤩

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I need a comic series now with this art style.

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I never thought that the power puff girls could look so cool

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This is great, Seeing Professor Utonium's girls in anime. Awesome!
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Amazing, i used to watch as a child too. Met u on YouTube Master Course series. Your art is stunning!

and the power punks!!!!!
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I like this remake better! :D
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Ross is the forgotten Power Puff GIrl
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WOW!!!!!!!!!, these are amazing designs for the trio 
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These look awesome, I wish there was a better view of there full outfits though as I'd love to do a group cosplay of these designs 
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I swear to God, for a minute I thought that DC Comics got the rights to PowerPuff Girls after the Teen Titans crossover! But nope, just some more kickass fan art that now belongs to my Favourites Vault!

Though in all seriousness, this actually looks legit! Like, if you added the “DC Rebirth Logo” and other front cover stuff, I actually would be tearing apart the nearby comic store furiously looking for Volume 1!

I love PowerPuff Girls! And upon seeing this, I had two reactions!



You my friend, are INCREDIBLE! Keep up the excellent work! And thank you for making me happy!
does Warner Brothers actually own this property? because holy crap I would love for DC to spin their magic on this the way they did some of the Hannah Barbera properties.
Well, if your asking me if I think the PPG universe is actually an alternate DCU then, no, it's much too different. Too many elements would not add up.  But with that said, a version of the PPG existing in the DCU is a veeery fascinating concept..apply a little realism and grit, and it would be quite an intriguing addition to the DCU..

BTW , check out THIS dude's version of the PPG, he drew the whole thing from start to finish. I don't agree with all the artistic and narrative choices, and it's a little TOO grimdark, but it's basically what I think a translation to the DCU would turn out.…

read the damn thing from start to finish...HOLY S***T. if I ever get into the entertainment industry someday down the line, I'm scheduling a reboot of this franchise with this as a basis, or maybe Rossdraws version if I want it to be more mainstream.
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A) Holy shit that comic is pretty damned good!

B) To answer you question, a little bit of yes and no. My idea is that it is A DC Universe, but with almost no connection to the main DC Universe. Kinda like the Watchman Universe. Where the only thing connecting these three is Joker/Comedian/Him. Basically the events of Flashpoint, and the events of that one PPG Episode with Time Travel, and Dr Manhattan screwing with time, would would collide, and create some very unfortunate side effects.
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Well, they were created and are owned by Cartoon Network (who did the show) AND DC Entertainment (who did the tie-in comic series). So I say that there is a chance.
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Nice     l<O>l
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Bubbles got them sword, Buttercup got them edgy metal fist, Blossom have them arcane laza
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okay but imagine if the powerpuff girls reboot looked like this 
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After learning about their crossover with Teen Titans, combined with seeing this image, I would actually be more excited if DC bought the comic rights for it.
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