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Pokemon Valor: YouTube!

AHHH! This is the Final episode to my Pokemon Adventure featuring Valor! I grew up loving the series so much and wanted to create a true adventure out of it, hope you like it!


Instinct + Mystic!
Pokemon Valor: YouTube! by rossdraws Pokemon Mystic : YouTube! by rossdraws Pokemon Instinct!: YouTube! by rossdraws 
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looks just magnificent

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Wonderful and magnificent
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I got just one word for ya : Moltres !
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Wow amazing! It reminds me a little of Lillith from the Borderlands series
wow so beautiful
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Holy mother of~! your artworks are really amazing! Can I use some for my cover? Of course everything will be credited to you, the creator :3
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Only if valour was half as good as this fantastic drawing in real life. Cockroaches with massive presence always sneaking into my gyms.
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team valor ftw!!
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Team Valor! :D in pokemon go, you pick 1 team out of 3, and valor is the fire team, who's mascot is moltres; a pokemon :P aaaand, ftw is for the win in case you didn't know F2U Icon: Froggo 
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From what I know, mystic is the only significant team in the game.
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all it really boils down too is opinion, but generally people pick mystic. xD i've no idea why, but they do. they probably like water types/ ice types or articuno, mystic's mascot. :P
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I chose mystic as the cinematic at picking teams said blue team's research pertains to evolution of pokemon. I found out later on in the game that the introduction had no consequence. One could pick any team and it would be the same.
I would however pick blue team each time because Blanche senpai is a terribly cute team leader.
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xD i see your point lol 
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Team Valor rocks:D (Big Grin) Clap :happybounce: 
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that's the most beautiful drawing I have ever seen!! :la:
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so much energy here. great work as usual
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Team Valor is the best.
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