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OOTD: Power UP


  GUYS! Here's my OOTD collab with UNQILO and CAPCOM! We got to wear their new Street Fighter collections ayyy. Thanks for the wonderful opportunity, Milo is ready to JAM!!  Optic Blast Emoticon   You can check out their new collection here!: 

Black Sparkle 1  Black Sparkle 1 

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What does OOTD stand for?
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Outfit of the Day :)
NefsArt's avatar
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Where is the dog's ball, Ross ?!
Stevaroony's avatar
Gone, reduced to atoms
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This is so cool!
The doggo and sneakers are cute!
Diadeclipse's avatar
I love that art style!!! and the doggo!!! mostly the art style tho!!! and the doggo!!!
AzakiShimo's avatar
i love your dog!
NovaStarPrime's avatar
Very nice 👍🏻
PallavP's avatar
Nortstar's avatar
it is so cool :)
VArtistry's avatar
Fantastic work! Have a nice day! :D
Knucklet's avatar
That is wicked awesome! You guys look like you can take on anything! 
TheGirlyGamerOG's avatar
So cool. Wish I could do that sometime soon!!! Medic Really Likes What He Sees XD (Chat Icon)  
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Wow, you are completely adorable irl and in drawing. <3 Such a pure looking Street Fighting master.

Ross is pretty cute too. ;3c
TransenDy's avatar
milo is fing cute
BoySputnik's avatar
My god
Why's everyone's work always better looking than mine!?
This is just too perfect to be true Mako Star Eyes 
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Hehe, your Doggie is so beautiful. And huggable.

Furbs3D's avatar
I´m faving this for the cute Akita.....

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red suits you both really well ; 7 ;
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This looks so cool.
Milo looks awesome :)
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awe ute shebia inu 
Heracoomy's avatar
Woah. You both are cute
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