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Nessa is a total babe so I had to make a drawing of her!
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Oh, she is MAXIMUM babe. :D

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She's very cute! Nice drawing here!
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This picture is beautiful, but I have to say, this is not Nessa. For those who have always seen depictions of themselves in the media, lightening Nessa to this degree might not see like much, but to dark-skinned women, this is an utter insult.

I strolled through your gallery and you are a talented artist. Yet out of the many, many pictures there, I can count the amount of dark-skinned characters on one hand. A few of them were Disney or game characters, so I hesitated to include them in the count.

With Nessa, you had the opportunity to use your considerable talents to give life to one of the few characters of color in the Pokemon game, but you chose to depict her as THIS.

If any person viewing this can be honest with themselves, they will admit that this character is significantly lighter than the Nessa in the game. Significantly. That is the definition of white-washing.

There are plenty of people in the comments attempting to silence the voice of the people of color on this thread, but I have little time for such people. I want YOU as the artist to know, that you've made a whole group of people feel disrespected and invisible with your art. Though to you this may be one instance, to people like me scouring this site and others for depictions of dark-skinned characters, I have run across way too many artists that are doing what you have done. Where does that leave people of color who want to see dark skinned characters? Do we really have to draw them all ourselves? And we're not even asking you to draw original dark-skinned characters--although arguably, you should. Diversity is the spice of life and you're an artist. If you don't know how to depict dark-skinned characters then that says something about your skills.--we're just asking you to properly represent a character that already exists.

This is my challenge to you. Give searching for dark-skinned characters a shot and see what you find. If you get frustrated in the process, then you can join our club. This is a sincere FYI comment. Your work is truly beautiful. Truly. I just hope that the next time I go through your gallery, it'll be graced with a little brown.

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I agree completely, but he won't respond and people will gaslight and attack you for telling the truth, especially as a Black woman. 

Artists like him who are not used to drawing Black characters I can let slide, but the whitewashing is plainly obvious with so many others. 
Ross isn't a racist, but the majority of the artist community is and only likes the aesthetics of white/east Asian appearing characters. We shouldn't be trying to convince them to draw dark skin when they clearly refuse to, otherwise, it'll just continue to be disrespectful. 

Black artists will have to step up and be the change we want to see. Luckily there are some great artists on here like GDBee , ActionKiddyFreeMech and Messiah972 that have beautiful art of dark-skinned characters and are seriously underrated on this site. Please check them out and support their art!
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thanks that much ^^ nice Idea i should draw this character
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This style is pure perfection :D

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Can we get Bea too?
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I just looked up Nessa (as well as other fan art) and the skin tone seems pretty accurate to me lol. Just has some warmer, orange undertones to it.
Whatever, other people can disagree, but I think it's a beautiful piece, Ross! <3
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Can you do allister as well?
AtaskiRizu's avatar
shes so pretty!
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ross, if you can't draw dark skinned women, then just don't. stick to what you know instead of lightening us and indirectly suggesting that our dark skin color is a problem. 
ScarletDrawsanime's avatar
stoooooooop, your comments are getting very rude!
ScarletDrawsanime's avatar
The hell, people in these comments are petty brats, how is this whitewash?! She is clearly a dark person. Yall need to get some glasses
peaachi's avatar
you're a dumbass. she's clearly lighter in his art. her skin is a deep brown the same shade as mine.  Pokemon Nessa Icon 

i don't have an issue with ross, but he has drawn black people (lupita) with dark skin so why he lightened nessa here is odd. 
boom-katz's avatar
he's allowed to draw her however he wants. artistic license 
peaachi's avatar
says the group that gets angry when hermoine is drawn as black, even though the creator is fine with all racial interpretations of her characters.

he can draw what he wants, and people will continue to call out whitewashing as much as we want.
boom-katz's avatar
i never said that. please dont make assumptions about me.
ScarletDrawsanime's avatar
oh my god.. T_T 
clearly it seems you have an issue with fair skinned artists drawing darker characters
this. isnt. whitewash. 
creathechiboi's avatar
Nice art, I love it.
LifeuWaifu's avatar
the people in the comments are the reason why no one makes minority groups characters
peaachi's avatar
if you can't draw minorities properly, then don't. minority artists can draw and create our own characters.

i would rather you only draw what you know then make us look white or like minstrel shows. 
Rebelle-Artist's avatar
Not necessarily.  They're definitely petty shitheads, but that's not the reason people rarely (by comparison) make minority characters.  You shouldn't use their ignorance as justification for more ignorance
LifeuWaifu's avatar
you're right, i just wish people on both sides would stop being assholes over petty stuff
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Has Nintendo stated that she is supposed to be black? She looked more Indian in the Direct to me then anything.
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