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HOT PEPPER ART CHALLENGE! Probably the hardest drawing i've ever done LOL. This has been a very popular request and thought it'd be the perfect time to do it since it's a million degrees lately. Half way through I threw my original drawing out the window and just drew something crazy! Hope you guys enjoy it! It's so nice to be back making vids 🔥🤘🏻I'm on fire! 

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You mean the metamorphosis hentai.

LgirlCorgi's avatar

when you boobs are on fire


Now this is freakin' gnarly dude.

RIPcaregiver's avatar

Thanks for sharing your Art ❤️💯🙋👀

savllow-o's avatar

You made a goddess

Midway2009's avatar
Awesome work.! :thumbsup:
kgcomix's avatar

You have amazing content and a true talent.

KingPanthera's avatar

I can't unsee Zyra from this picture. Great shading and color theory, by the way.

Commander-Ridley12's avatar
She's hot! Both literally and figuratively!
Hardwing's avatar
I love how you managed to harmonize red and blue!
aciddmaus23's avatar
truly beautiful image???
bigonekovam's avatar

nice job xd great artwork keep it up ross xd

HolyMolyManiac's avatar
Which god do you need to sacrifice your soul to, to get this good at drawing? lol

Love your artwork.
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This is amazing :o (Eek) Heart 
ArtConSeph's avatar

thats is so cool! im actually browsing your page you really have a nice gallery here

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How unique. It reminds me of Lina in Dota 2, but this much prettier.

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