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Drawing KATARA!! I've always wanted to be a Waterbender and this was seriously one of my favorites to create. Hope you enjoy it!!


*Edit: thanks for the note for the skin! I've made adustments :)

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Beauty ! pls check out my profile

PharaohMisa's avatar
Katara is so bad ass. I've been looking through your files and damn. You are GREAT with water. <3
HeartlessIce1993's avatar
I wish I can draw water as good as you...
PharaohMisa's avatar
I think you accidentally replied to me and not the post, but this isn't my piece (it's rossdraws) and I'm not an artist. Sorry. T^T
TempestaArtica's avatar
Absolutely incredible! HeartHeart  I watching your video on you-tube about this masterpiece and you are great! Heart_Heart  
Gagamagicianlol's avatar
This is amazing. Back when Katara was in her prime age and was a kickass waterbender. 
Well she still is. Just older now.
Mariya-art's avatar
Katara...thank you for this drawing)
SparrowDraws's avatar
Wow! such an amazing drawing!
...but if it weren't for the hair loopies, I wouldn't have known it was katara... she looks more like Korra with the ponytail and avatar eyes :/
AlleinaDArts's avatar
Yes! That's who I thought it was at first!
FoxxFireArt's avatar
A dynamic pose with amazing water effects.
Absolutely gorgeous! That said she looks a bit too cold and empty for katara however it is absolutely incredible nice work :D 
I was wondering how you perceive the shadows and shading so well according to the light intensity- and what tips would you give for get those two aspects down?
Falkras's avatar
Really nice! But I think her face is not exactly reflecting her character.
MartyrFan's avatar
Really like her outfit here. And those eyes! Kind of looks like she's channeling the Avatar State, for water only.
M3hE1i-19's avatar
wow it actually does look like she is
Aenwynn's avatar
SOO COOL! Beautiful colours!
apolloth's avatar
one of the classic's
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