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Ice Shards

HEY GUYS! I LOVE ICE and this is one of two video demo tutorials coming out after tomorrow's Grad Episode!

So Excited to show you guys!

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Very fascinating picture!

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Wow! :wow: Very impressive! Your way of painting is something to be jealous of!
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There is and always has been this breathtaking and mystical quality to ice that has always left me wanting more. I just want to walk into this painting and take the deepest breath that I've ever taken. Maybe build a little cabin to hide away in, this is a sanctuary..enough said haha!!
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Wow, that looks really cool! :)
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Yeap. Snow is awesome :)
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Master class in mood.
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Ahhhh cant wait to watch them!! I desperately need help on my scenery work! Thanks so much for sharing your wisdom on patreon man, proud to finally be a supporter there! :hug: Also this is absolutely stunning as always!
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The composition is so good! And the colors, and the contrasts, and the lines, and yeah... Happy New Year, Ross! This year is starting out great :)
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and cola, nice work mate!
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The way you paint are absolutly stunning! 
Love your work
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You are the master of composition, man!
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Amazing piece ! I love how you used the colors ! 
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Is that a Ice Ship flying.  Free Olaf Telescope avatar 
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loving the atmosphere in this everything works so naturally in this :D
Is it just me, or does each and every one of these fantastical landscape pieces with tiny little white ships look like the covers of Sci-Fi books?
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Cawww!~ +Thumbs up
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the aesthetic i live for
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wow! that looks ice cold awesome! great piece mate
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Stunning scenery and leaps of UFOs look amazing!
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