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Hip-Hop/Rap Muse

Here's the third episode to my new mini-series Music Muses where I draw character designs based off Music Genres! 

Would love help naming her! What should I name this Muse??   -Rock on- 

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why does your art make the mona lisa look like a joke ;w;

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Because of the color palette I thought this would be the metal muse. Haha. She's badass though!

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Beautiful as always, thank you for being an inspiration for many of us.

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Kinda wish she was a poc but overall I love the artwork, colored beautifully. The clothes should’ve been a bit more streetwear in my opinion but that is just how I picture hip hop/ rap. Everyone has their own way of interpreting styles. I love your art Ross, keep up the good work.
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Name her Flow.

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beauty full and sexy :heart: :D

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it´s so nice

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Magnificent painting! 💯💯💯
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she look great ^^

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Cool work!! Ngl I feel like rappin'

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This is amazing!!! Love it so much!!!💕💕💕
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And rapping we go ^^
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A lot of people consider rap and hip-hop the same, but rap isn't a genre. It's a type of rhythmic vocalization, like singing, that is commonly used in hip hop music, but has also been used in other genres of music. Also, I'm pretty rapping has been around longer than hiphop.

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I think her name would be Meli

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