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Harley Quinn :YOUTUBE!

By rossdraws
AHH HARLEEEEY for Villain October! I was so happy how this came out, thanks for the many requests at Comic Con haha. I wanted to challenge myself with foreshortening and such, and I hope you enjoy the Episode!~

Video Demo will be on my Patreon! (Video demos, tutorials, and Goodies :3)  👈

YOUTUBE!!!🔅Instagram!🔅Tutorial Store🔅Tumblr!🔅Facebook!🔅 Print Marketplace🔅

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Awesome work!

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AMAZING AS ALWAYS When the Deviation/Art/Upload is Just Right (icon)

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Very Cool use of Colors 💯

Love the perspective as well 👍

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i love this drawing and she is my fave villain in dc and this drawing is pretty .
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Really cool action shot. And all the background colors! Looks so cool
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Your art is so amazing like I love it how u can make Harley Quinn look so bad ass I subscribed to your channel on YouTube and am super happy your on deviant art too because I really admire your work!!!
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Awesome work (>^w^<)
Flawless work, as always
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I'm enjoying every of your awesome work! You're amazing! Just keep going!Doge 
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I didnt realize i commented on this b4 lmao
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The eyes look a little weird, but this is otherwise amazing
SpookyyNoodles's avatar
I like the placement of the eyes, it's just, the eyes make the face look unnaturally stretched out
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because it's not real, the left eye should not be shown
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This is the coolest drawing of Harley Quinn ive seen jk
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This is great, but, the eyes could be better :/
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AWESOME!!!!! Beware the baseball bat!
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Aaaaaand with this one, you've just earned a new watcher :) Amazing job!
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