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Fuchsia Process!

Just some process action per request! Happyface

For this piece right here: Fuschia by rossdraws

Feel free to follow me:
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amazing, looks just like you
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reminds me of padme from star wars!
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What does the blue layer do? ^^; lol, I love your work. I wish I could color this realistically. Undertale Pink Soul - Love (18x18) 
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its a mask, so all his colors are in the blue layers, Its also just to put a value on her to see how shes gonna look. 
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You are simply great. Also, the way you answer comments on both youtube and dA is marvellous. Thanks for taking the time
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Your works never fail to please! You seem to use Color Dodge a lot. Is it like your trademark? Either way, your art is amazing! ^v^
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HAHAH I LOVE ITTTT its sooo coool
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Thanks so much, very insightful~
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You're welcome!!
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Damn, I actually really liked the green eyes. Was a cool contrast color to the red cape. I kinda like step 3 somehow the best, even though it´s not 'finished'.
Still, phenomenal piece. Thanks for the process insight!
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Is there a specific reason why you use blue as color for the base in step 2? Also is there a reason why someone should use a color base like that in digital art? (advantages?) :0
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it's to get a certain tone and mood of color :) obviously she wanted a blue, cool tone to the image
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It's most likely so that he/she can see it if they have slight trouble with finding the lines against the background.
Maybe :D
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Ah! I see! :) So I guess it's really personal choice. :0 Thank you very much!! :D :hug:
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These process shots are incredibly helpful. Thanks for posting!
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Colour doooodge,,............ just DO IT!!! 

lovely colour dodge :D (Big Grin) Heart 
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from step two to step three it's like "how to draw an owl"
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Not that I don't like the final piece, I think that through the coloring you lost the innocent stare she had on the sketch for a way more mysterious look in her eyes and her face, I don't know if it was what you were going for.
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Ah, i see, thank you for your insight! I'll save that pose/look for another painting :)
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