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Everyone welcome Faye, the secondary main character to the World of Nima! AHH I love her so much and I finally get to show her! ️ The Character Design episode of the Master Course series is now up on the channel! I get to reveal Faye and teach you guys the basic fundamentals of creating your character. Faye’s a magician that befriends 3 Elemental Spirits; Ice, Fire and Lightning. Her's and Nima’s story will collide in a fantastic way, can’t wait to show you more! ️️Goku and the magic Nimbus Magic Wand cookie chase 

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Faye! by rossdraws Faye by rossdraws Faye's Portrait : Tutorial! by rossdraws Nima and Faye by rossdraws Crossing : Tutorial by rossdraws Silence : Tutorial! by rossdraws

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Really good!

raimatsu's avatar
this is beautiful, i love it <3
MervynArt's avatar

Into my waifu list ....<3

Deloui's avatar
i dont get how people paint... i've looked at so many tutorials and i cannot grasp the concept of hoW
but people like you just make it look...absolutely amazing like omg
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WoofyKitten's avatar
i love the earring! is each section/color the home of each spirit?
WoofyKitten's avatar
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this is SOO GOOOD Rollin' Stars 
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She looks awesome!!! Love the red design under her eyes!![Bunny Emote] Love 
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LyddieArts's avatar
The Master Course episodes so far have been so well put together, they're truly amazing and excellent for all ages!!
amylaser-void-star's avatar
Nice painting! The perspective is a little off though. The extreme angle of her head/neck makes it look as if we are looking at the back of her body and she's looking over her shoulder to face the viewer; but in reality, it's the front of her body that we're actually seeing. I think the base of her neck is off-center -- perhaps you could adjust it?
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This is really good
Leviathinh's avatar
02 is that you?
eypicasso's avatar
Great design/concept!
pixulun's avatar
I saw your video! It was really helpful :D
Great work (as always! ;3 )
Tired-Coffee's avatar
we both have redhead characters named Faye?
Stamios's avatar
look at this thicc baby

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