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Disney Princess Battle Royale : YouTube!

By rossdraws
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Hey guys! Here's the final piece from the episode painting the Disney Princess in a Battle Royale! I tried to include everybody but there are SO many Disney Princesses! I hope I got your favorites ahah. If you look closely, you can see the heart composition :). This print is now available on my store which I just relaunched! Currently having a Holiday sale where I throw in a Mystery Print with every order. WHICH SIDE ARE YOU ON?! Elsa - Wreck it Ralph 2 :merry christmas: 

Arrow Right Pink Video:
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Disney x shonen!! 😂 very interesting comboooo!!! 😆
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I need a fanfic about this XD

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Gorgeous piece of artwork. I really love the way you painted it. The style is very interesting.

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Why can’t Disney make a movie about the Disney princesses being aware that there movie character!
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im on snows sidee

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This is so fresh and amazing 😍😍😍 LOVE IT

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This is so cute!! I love your channel!! The team I think would win would probably be the right side. I think that Merida on any team would definitely bring them out to victory.

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I disagree. Mulan nullifies Merida since both of them are good war strategists and got mastery in one weapon (dao sword and bow respectively). Furthermore, Elsa's ice powers can pretty much overcome anyone else. Yeah, Moana has kind of water powers BUT Elsa can just freeze said water and use it against her. The left side would win if only by a small margin.

Alright a couple things off the bat.

Your Merida is questionable, Raj looks out of place(in terms of the quality style) Pocahontas looks a bit odd, whys is Repunzel's pan on fire? What is Tiana doing, and Elsa has never used her powers in that form.

I want to like it, but the level of quality is a bit off, some bits are out of character, and it needs a bit of polishing.

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wow, go Vanellope!

Aww, where's Anna?
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*le gasp*

could it be...

the most feared weapon throughout the lands...


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Something something something Seven Hearts of Light. 
Something something something Kingdom Hearts. 
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Hard to pick between Merida and Mulan
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Idk who to pick since Belle isn't among either side. I know she's not a fighter but neither is Snow White. 

But this is a cool and badass drawing of the Disney princesses nonetheless, I was just hoping to see Belle among them.
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