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Daenerys and Dragon : YouTube!
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Published: August 11, 2017
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HEY GUYS! Ahhh I can't believe it's been TWO YEARS. I drew Daenerys for my very first episode and my 50k anniversary. I wanted to draw her again because she's such an amazing character and I always love to see improvements throughout the journey. I seriously love you all, thanks for sticking by and for spreading love and joy around my channel :)


Dae and Drago by rossdraws

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FinweofTirion|Hobbyist Photographer
I like your style!
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Scottscraper|Hobbyist Artist
I love this almost as much as I love Emilia Clarke. Almost.
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Seriously one of the best interpretations of our beloved dragon queen. I like how the jacket has the Targaryen sigil on it. It's the little quirky details that make your art great.
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Lol, that has me rethinking a 3D concept of my Shadowrun character who has a cat mentor spirit that she sees as a small snow leopard. I'm imagining a ghostly snow leopard cat on her shoulder now. :)
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Superb!   :-)
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queenpili|Hobbyist General Artist
I knew she was a whole millennium ahead of everyone in GoT.
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I love your art style.So good to watch your amazing work  Love 
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Antonio-Ari|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Luv the Unique look!  Great expression!  :-)
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Willowtuft|Student Writer
I love her little creature.
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mila kunis?
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Areejs|Hobbyist Writer
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r4ndomconcept|Hobbyist Digital Artist
YES!!!!!!!!!!!! MAGNIFICENT the mood is very very intense, good job! :)
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Those eyes are piercing
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jydem|Hobbyist Writer
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xheartxforlife|Hobbyist Digital Artist
OMG so amazing!
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Wow, it is sooooo goood *^*
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Awesome! Add 2 fav.
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CringyWeebs|Hobbyist General Artist
I could ever be as good as an artist as you, although I aspire to be. Great work!
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Hi :)
This is so awesome, she looks so badass and intriguing Immediately I thought that's what she would look like if she rode a motorbike :D
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Kanji-The-Wanderer|Student General Artist
Beautiful, amazing work~!
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Mattj2814|Hobbyist Digital Artist
This is way too awesome
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