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Crossing : Tutorial


Here's the FOURTTTTH episode of the Master Class series, Landscapes & Environments!  I LOVE painting backgrounds and I'm super happy how this episode and piece came together. In the video, we go on a feels trip with Faye and her Master Ame through the forest! Hope you enjoy it and learn a lot!~ F2U | Bouncy Junimo | Stardew 

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Faye! by rossdraws Faye by rossdraws Faye's Portrait : Tutorial! by rossdraws Nima and Faye by rossdraws Crossing : Tutorial by rossdraws Silence : Tutorial! by rossdraws

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Amazing ! What a talent you have ! Bliss
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Beautiful! What a fantastic setting

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Really like this one. It has a good setting and atmosphere.
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Thank you so much for giving us lessons to help starting artists grow more 😊
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I can never get over how your colors pop.

Loved and had been waiting on this episode since you announced it. They way you approached the napkin sketch made landscapes a lot less scary to me. Tackled one the same day I watched the episode and I'm really happy how it turned out.

The Isles of Engan

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This is Gorgeous... How do I get there...?
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I wish I could live in this picture.
It's too beautiful for words Heart 
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Wow, so beautiful! :wow:
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In the most candid way of putting it, this painting leaves me breathless. Splendid work on this most exquisite of artworks! :D
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I just watched your MasterClass video on this, it was really informative, thanks
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Do you know what would be really cool? If you would come to Germany for a Convention! Maybe in Berlin :D. Whoever shares the same opinion like me. Should just write under it!
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holy cow this is gorgeous! I love so many textures on this!
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