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Bus Stop!

They're at a Bus Stop.

Also made a video with Deviantart for this! :

Also as a thank you for my patreon supporters, expect this in your inboxes in a few days!


There are also 4 cats.
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This inspired so many "what if" ideas, everyday snapshots from so many different settings, just a few characters waiting at a bus stop; then, of course, my brain went on to wonder about mixing it up, mingling characters with rampant disregard for source. Thanks for creating.
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If this were from a movie, I would watch that movie. Great job
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There is Nima on the poster...
Much wow... 😀😀😝
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I love your color style! it's so gorgeous :happybounce: 
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Is this digitalart?
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I love the colors so much! Gorgeous!
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He made this on a video
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that's a very good picture that you've made.
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This is so cool! Reminds me of when I see cosplayers using public transit lol.
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love your style!
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looks so good !
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In love with this one. Reminds me of spirited away in some way.
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I wish my stop could be THAT interesting.

PS I only found 3 cats.
...where's the 4th one?!
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Three are on the roof and one is on the side
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Think I've found it.
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i LOVE that scene :-D
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Just saw a few videos and paintings from you. You're becoming my next favorite artist very quickly! :D
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AWWW thank you so much!!!
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