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Brigitte sketch!

I'm drawing Overwatch's new hero BRIGITTE for this week's upcoming video! It'll be an adventure with an emphasis on painting realistic portraits! Can't wait to show you :) Here's something I made to help prepare Day104 - Sunny Side Up 


 (Video demos, tutorials, and Goodies :3)  👈 

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Brig 🥰 you made her look so beautiful! Nice work!

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That shirt though Smile 
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She's beautiful. Well done
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Pretty versions of famous female characters, but aren't hyper sexualized? Definite follow.
No offense to those who enjoy it and draw it, I follow a few who make that art, but it's just so saturated. Sometimes I wanna see a character who isn't tiny face, big eyes and all tits version of a well known character or OC.
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perfect face <3 <3
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This is probably my favorite. You are really talented.
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sketch...sketch?? SKETCH????

broo this "SKETCH" is so much better than anything i could ever do :D

i totally love it!!!!! it looks so clean and pure and i dont know...its fucking beautiful1!!elven!11!
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:iconfeature-it-monday: has featured you as Artist of the Week! :heart:

Congratulations! :clap:
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Awesome... Its good to see those girls in casual once in a while:)
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Probably one of the most beautiful face you ever paint ! Great work! :D
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wow thats really pretty, i love your style
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i feel like a problem with the eyes like they are not appart of the same angle of the face.. nice colors as always tho ! :D
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New hero?!? Wow, never thought I'd get the news here and not from blizzard xD 
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Utterly beautiful!!! Will this be available to buy as a print on your store by any chance? 
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Perfect! She is a beauty!
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She's beautiful, you caught her very well with a warm light ! :D
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You're very good with realism! So pretty!!
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