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I made a video drawing Realistic Portraits this week that features Overwatch's new hero BRIGITTE! Or Baguette :D Hope you guys enjoy it! This one was so fun to do Smiley soleil - Sun F2U - Lucio icon 

Video: youtu.be/j5nksFr29b4

Brigitte sketch! by rossdraws

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bruhitszoe|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Why does her skin look better than mine?

PS, love your artwork, especially this one.❤
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ImmaEatYoAsp's avatar
Why is the skin such perfection? >.>
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pa5cal's avatar
>>} There's so much life and character in that face. Impressive!  {<<
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Wingnut55's avatar
really good, she looks very noble.
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skyuuketsuki's avatar
skyuuketsuki|Professional Digital Artist
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DeliciousMist's avatar
DeliciousMist|Hobbyist General Artist
Brigitte! <3 
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Suuno's avatar
love the cast shadows, and color choice is so nice. It kinda reminds me of the lighting you get when there's a bushfire somewhere off and it's the afternoon : P (#australianthings) great job! * A *
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taemart's avatar
taemart|Professional Digital Artist
wow this is amazing 
can i ask you this 
what is the beast way to get red of out lines 
drow on top of or just close it,s layer?
and how do you keep the silhouette so clean, ?
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IodyneAPB's avatar
IodyneAPB|Hobbyist Digital Artist
She's beautiful. I feel like you really missed out on a perfect opportunity to implement movement to her flail. You do such unique and interesting motion strokes, it'd have applied nicely.
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AlexArcticArt's avatar
AlexArcticArt|Hobbyist Digital Artist
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J3susChr1st's avatar
J3susChr1st|Hobbyist Digital Artist
How do you pronounce “Brigitte”?
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Eviora's avatar
Holy shit! This looks so cool! I love it! I wish I could draw something like this amazing art!
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Yun77's avatar
Yun77|Professional Digital Artist
My favorite, I love the light on her face
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gordonphilbin's avatar
Awesome drawing of Brigitte :heart:
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DonutpuppyCanArt's avatar
DonutpuppyCanArt|Hobbyist General Artist
One of many things I can never do
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BleedingAcacia's avatar
You are so talented! I am glad you like overwatch as well! You inspire me so much ross, I WISH i could draw like you
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Lunnika-Horo's avatar
Don`t know why - reminds me an "unreal tournament" PC game =)
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RgDraw's avatar
RgDraw|Professional Digital Artist
So beautiful! :D
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HildaTilda's avatar
HildaTilda|Student Digital Artist
I LOvE BiRgIttE <33
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Vysselle's avatar
Vysselle|Hobbyist General Artist
Nose boopable %100. 
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Moonlit-Lake's avatar
Meh love it butt where is her freckles? :0
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Halstrom's avatar
Very well done, she's gorgeous :)
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