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HEY GUYS! Many of you guys requested to see the cover to my book BLOOM! butterflies You can see the full post with ideations and the full size on my Instagram.

cherry blossom MY ART BOOK BLOOM IS OUT!: cherry blossom

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I wish I was that peaceful.

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I love the color choice for the hair!

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That is actually so beautiful; I'm inspired ;o;
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Such a beautiful and serene expression~ Lovely color choices too!

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Realmente muy hermoso <3
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You a Gates fan, mate?
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so CRISP... juicy 
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I love how "simple" and lightness you art is looking, you are so skilled!
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Fabulous work!!
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It has become an incredibly good picture. The hair is very detailed and the strands are drawn almost individually, the effect of light In this part of the picture, the hair and strands shine and gives the whole volume. Since it is very long, it also has movement dynamics. A great face I must say it is anatomically authentic and stylization is also very agile and beautiful. The skin is also wonderfully bright and pure and the shadows make the picture even more intense. A great job.
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awww she's so cute!!
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Gorgeous and graceful!!
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fabulouse work like this a lot my friend :dalove:

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Beautiful! Your art is gorgeous and the precision is just amazing. I could stare at your artwork all day

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it's so beautiful-!:D
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Pretty. The red eye outlines kinda look like Zero Two/Hiro
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me trying to do her pose be like Pearl Emote 20

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