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Beauty and the Beast : YouTube!

Hey Guys! In honor of the new Live Action Beauty and the Beast film, I've made a painting with the help of my dog Milo! I love painting Classics that i've grown up with. Hope you enjoy the spin and episode :)


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That was the best live-action remake of BatB I've ever seen. Loved it!
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Heart 3D I Love Belle so much, she is my number one favorite princess.A Heart For YOU 
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Alas, sadly she is no longer able to ride around on Beast's head after the whole curse thing got dealt with.   
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Very inventive composition. your dog has very bright eyes! :o
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You and your dog hahahahaYellow Wolf v2 
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this art is amazing!!! Heart Love :happybounce: 
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Nothing I say will be sufficient enough for this masterpiece. La la la la La la la la La la la la La la la la Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap 
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you are. a fucking monster. ty for this. keep that shit on son.
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It's so cool !! *w*
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Brilliant! :squee: I find it entertaining how this was made along with his shiba on that video!
*saw it on my facebook though
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breathtaking! the colors are so vibrant!
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this piece omygod 😂 you used ur own pic as a ref for this
it's amazing HAHAHAHA
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More like Beauty riding the beast. ;P
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Sadly, didn't think much of the new film; they screwed it up. 
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Well that suxz to hear I was excited to see it now idk... 
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Nothing wrong with sets and special effects; but the plotline... 

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they didn't follow the original? I mean neither did Maleficent, exactly, but atleast they should have stayed true a little bit.
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