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Finished this one from the Archives. Really liked how this one turned out!
Recorded a demo on detailing/polishing as part of the next Patreon Package if you're interested!

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one of the older works? never seen this one on your channel
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so beautiful colors!!
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Oh my golly gosh. The way you can use colour and lighting is incredible, it's so subtle and perfect arghsdfkgjdf
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the eyes seem off but I love it and I love your brushstrokes
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There are a million portraits out there. But they're all so good. This one caught my eye. I think it's her far off look. And I can't stop staring at her lips - how you've captured them ever so slightly open (but she's doesn't really intend for them to be open). And I like that red thing around her face. Awesome! 
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There's something about her features that seems so fragile and beautiful. Mesmerizing work, Ross!
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Wishing forever that I could paint anything like this.
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Wow, this is beautiful! You really did a great job with the expressions

She kind of reminds me of Daenerys from game of thrones
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I love your work Ross,  I get excited every time you release a new youtube video, you seem like a very funny and charismatic person! You're one of my favourite artists in world, so just keep doing what you're doing and I'm looking forward to seeing what you do in the future, no doubt it'll be great! (also your story is inspiring to me!)
I hope to soon sponsor you on patreon, I need to get my act together and sort out paypal and such, but I will do it one day! I swear haha
Anyway, hugs and kisses from a fangirl illustrator in Edinburgh! :)
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This is one of my favorites by you lately.  The colors and intrigue are all there.  Love the technique and texture too.  great work
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Great expression. :clap:
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The texture and colour choice in this is absolutely beautiful!
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