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Ariel sketch

Drawing Ariel for this week's episode!! Always wanted to take my own spin on her. Here's a sketch I did to help prepare for it!

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Damn, beautiful colors.
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Just.. wow!
It's so cool!
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I love this! So beautifully done!
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What Aerial would look like in her twenties. She looks very mature and self assured. Who needs Eric?

By the way, thank you for the starfish in her hair. That makes more sense to me than the "flower" Disney had! The only thing flowery under the water is either coral or sea anemones and it seemed illogical Aerial would rip off one of those things off a rock just to put in her hair! 
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Daaamn, Ariel is incredibly beautiful <3
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Holy wow, she is GORGEOUS. I love your lines and your faces. I also love the light and dark lines through her hair and how the colours seem to be glowing a bit :love:
OMG she's so amazing.
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Beautiful colors! It looks so cool! I love what you did with the hair, very nice how you put the little starfish in as like a small barrette! Lovely work. Keep it up!
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Beautiful 😍😍😍
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Great work, the colors go together swimmingly!
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Beautifuuuuul :dummy:
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She looks great.
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