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Above the Treetops

This was a final done for a class a few months ago! I have a strange fascination with panthers and archers. :P
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Dope, monster Hunter inspired?!
Evays's avatar
This reminds me a lot Monster Hunter! Beautiful!
SonOfBatmanDamian's avatar
That archer reminds me of Green Arrow.
Marikasen's avatar
This gives me shivers!
jadeflamingo's avatar
Did you do all of this on computer? It's really good work.
inkdoodler's avatar
What's the white stuff? Cobwebs? Carnivorous fungi? Fiberoptics?
SonOfBatmanDamian's avatar
Fog? Mist? Is that what you mean?
inkdoodler's avatar
It looks to be only at a particular level and has rather crisp edges for fog. I've never seen fog that looked like that. It looks more like spider webs.
SonOfBatmanDamian's avatar
Yeah... I see your point.
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Wow, really nice picture you've got here. Nothing wrong with a panther fascination. I like dinosaurs, myself. Now if we could only throw some pterosaurs into this it would be perfect!
Very cool imagery
Finnjamin's avatar
Panthers could be clearer. Otherwise nice.
Kerevon's avatar
It's paintings like this that really capture my imagination. No idea why, but I feel like I would love to see an entire story in which this scene take place.
KhoaSV's avatar
Great stuff man!
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It's a good fascination to have and this a great painting..would love to know more about it though. Is there some story behind it?
LenamoArt's avatar
You have a night elf (WoW) soul :)
DamianKrzywonos's avatar
I share this fascination
Amphitaman's avatar
You're one kick ass painter!!!

Like what you did with the fog, it's almost a graphical element - so sexy!
rossdraws's avatar
ahah thanks you so much!!
Sprigaan's avatar
this is great, you attend art center?
rossdraws's avatar
Yeah I currently attend Art Center, And thanks for the kind words!
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