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Little Red Hen - mother's day WIP

I need to finish the shadows, shading and work on some of the background characters' faces but before the day is out here's a little pic for mother's day (for those of you who don't know, Mother's Day in the UK is in March)

I had a feeling I wouldn't finish this on time, so I did get my Mum a back up card. I might save the finished version of this for her birthday, but I thought I'd share the work in progress anyhow.

Yes, orange chicks, because red chickens have orange chicks.

Hand sketch, digitally "inked" and coloured.
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Cute drawing, the little chicks look adorable helping out there!
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Thanks, Josie, the chicks helping were kind of inspired by illustration in the version of this story I had when I was little.
I really must finish this at some point.
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OHH SUCH A CUTE LIL PIC givin me some serious nostalgia up in here !!
i tend to reference this tale quite a bit (mostly when talking about myself and relating it to lil red hen here)  but like...for some reason not everyone is familiar with the story.
pretty much no one i have referenced it around.
the hell is up with that man like not even my parents knew the story until i told it to them ??? and i still have to remind them like every time wtf
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Glad you like it ;) still need to finish this though, re-do a few bits, add shading and such.

Really? From the feedback I'd been getting I thought it must just be one of those stories everyone knows and I'd just not realised it before. I d'know. Anyhow, in the illustrated version I had as a child she always had her chicks with her so I thought it'd be good as a mother's day picture.
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hah ok well it looks great!

and yeah i had the SAME book when i was lil!! idk why no one else i know is too familiar with this story...maybe it's because of kids around my generation completely being unaware of essential classics and such. xD or where i live. or america in general. or all of the above.
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Thanks, though it will look better when I get time to colour the line art, shade it properly and re-draw the cat, pig and duck in proper proportion.

Oh really? Was it the one with the little lion logo? I can't remember the name of the company but they had a little lion logo on all the books.
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heehee! sounds cute! :3

I don't was a long time ago! O: I thought it was one of the Golden...something...Books
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Probably just similar illustrations then. I've heard of Golden Books but I'm sure mine was a different one... will try to find it.
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Ahh.. I remember this story. Nostalgia attack.
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I guess it's one of those childhood fable type stories that everyone knows. Need to re-do the background characters and finish the shading and coloured lines, I'll tell you when that's up.
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That is so nice, I should also send something to my mother this mother's day (luckily its in a couple of weeks, I got scared that it was already mothers day and that I forgot). I think it looks pretty good even without the shading.

Weirdly the first time I read that story (or rather an adapted version) was last year on my business class to reflect the business enviroment in Canada. It was pretty much the same except that instead of keeping all the bread the farmer came and gave part of it to the other animals (to symbolize taxes).
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Well it would have been nice if I finished it, but like I said I might save the card for her birthday when I do finish it.

That's a good idea. Ah yes, Mother's day in the Americas is in May for some reason, right?

So basically the farmer was the government and the other animals were unemployed people getting welfare money?
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Sounds like a plan, its always better to finish.

If I am not wrong it is the second Sunday of the month. I am not sure why though.

The professor said it was open to interpretation (and that there were a lot of ways to see it) though I am pretty sure one of them refers to unemployed people. I think it is about all the taxes and stuff small businesses have to pay to the government and stuff like that and a exaggerated version of what happens in real life.

This is the version of the story from the assignment:
Once upon a time there was a Little Red Hen who scratched about and uncovered some grains of
wheat. She called her barnyard neighbors and said, "If we work together and plant this wheat we
will have some fine bread to eat. Who will help me plant the wheat?"

"Not I,,' said the cow. "Not I," said the duck. "Not I," said the goose. "Then I will do it alone,"
said the Hen, and she did.

After the wheat started growing, the ground turned dry and there was no rain in sight. "Who will
help me water the wheat?" said the Little Red Hen.

'Not I," said the cow, "it's out of my classification." "I'd lose my seniority," said the duck. "I'd
lose my unemployment insurance," said the goose. "Then I will do it alone," said the Hen, and
she did.

The wheat grew tall and ripened into golden grain. "Who will help me reap the wheat?" asked
the Little Red Hen.

"That's overtime for me," said the cow. "I'm a dropout and never learned how," said the duck. "If
I'm the only one helping, that's discrimination," said the goose. "Then I will do it alone," said the
Hen, and she did.

Then it came time to bake bread. Again, all her neighbors refused to help. The Little Red Hen
baked four loaves of fine bread and held them up for her neighbors to see.  2

"I want some," said the cow, "I want some," said the duck. "I demand my share," said the goose.

"No," said the Little Red Hen, "I can rest for a while and eat the four loaves myself."

"Excess profits," cried the cow. "Capitalistic leech," shouted the duck. "Company fink"'
screamed the goose.

And they hurriedly painted some picket signs and marched around the Little Red Hen singing,
"We shall overcome," and they did.

For when the farmer came to investigate the commotion, he said, "You mustn't be greedy, Little
Red Hen. Look at the oppressed cow, look at the disadvantaged duck, look at the less fortunate
goose. You are guilty of making second-class citizens out of them."

"But-but-but-I earned the bread," protested the Little Red Hen.

"Exactly," the wise farmer said. "That is the wonderful free enterprise system; anybody in the
barnyard can earn as much as she likes. You should be happy to have this freedom. In other
barnyards, you would have to give all four loaves to the farmer. Here you give three loaves to
your suffering neighbors."

And they lived happily ever after, including the Little Red Hen, who smiled and clucked, "I am
grateful, I am grateful."

But her neighbors wondered why she never baked any more bread
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Hmm, that sounds kind of like capitalist propaganda to me, like the argument against a national health service in America. On the one hand there is a point, that there are some people who leech off the system, but at the same time we need some elements of socialism in society to keep it running. After all, the chicken found the wheat, but who grew the wheat originally? The chicken needed some wheat to get started, and the security of the farm environment to grow the wheat in, which were only available because of the farmer.
twistedndistorted's avatar
It was a pretty weird assignment. Ironically remember searching for the original story and finding one that was communist propaganda. Yea, there are some people leeching the system but the ones using it legally far outnumber them. I think someone mentioned something like that in the discussion ,there are really a lot ways to interpret this.
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Oh? Haha, how odd. Yeah, there are a number of ways to look at that story. I think the original story was meant to say that working hard gives reward at the end and being lazy gets you nothing.
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Yea that makes sense, I dont think little children would understand too well all the stuff behind communism and capitalism .
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Indeed, I expect other versions have been made aimed at adults, using the story because it is well known.
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A sweet way to mark the occasion, as well as a nice homage to this classic tale. :thumbsup:
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Thanks, like I said I need to add some finishing touches, then I might turn it into a birthday card when my Mum's birthday comes around.
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Ah ok, looking forward to it. :thumbsup:
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I always loved the Golden Book for this... <3 NOSTALGIA.
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I think it's one of those stories we all know :D
Would you like to be told when I post the finished picture?
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