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Pencils by the great Harvey Tolibao :iconharveytolibao:
Inks by the talented julien hugonnard-bert :iconjulienhb:
and colors by me! :iconross-a-campbell:

I hate backrounds... I'll eventually go back and fix this one but not for the time being!
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© 2009 - 2021 Ross-A-Campbell
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Psylocke. The most underrated X-Men character ever and my personal favorite one (although I really like Wolverine too)
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She is certainly a winner :).
Thank you for commenting I love it your gallery is still like that
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all time favorite :woohoo:
Ross-A-Campbell's avatar
Cheers dude!
Cool to see that some of my older stuff is still liked :D
LordSnot's avatar
Alone at last, Psylocke picture. Just you and I!
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AHEM! I'm still here!
LordSnot's avatar
Oh crap.

Ninja Vanish!
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*coughcough* WAIT A MINUTE!
You didn't vanish! You just threw a smoke ball at my face o_O!
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I like your work, and even sexy. I'm new at deviantART, come visit my gallery. I would be happy of your comment.
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Huh, cutting up thugs and lowlives in a chinatown bar... I didn't think she used lethal measures that readily.
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you gotta do what ya gotta dooo!
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Just paint me a psylocke fan, and I think you did a fine job here collectively.
greenate's avatar
I'm diggin the colors!
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LeftHandThreads's avatar
Awesome job. Love the feel of a shiny sheen to her outfit.
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