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I Am Lorde - South Park

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Ya ya ya, I am bored...

If you don't watch South Park, you probably won't understand this. If you do watch South Park and haven't seen the Lorde episodes, you must do so.

Cool down art. I've been on my computer all day drawing. And it hasn't stopped. ^^; But I needed to change my subject away from being serious about my commissions. I needed to goof, and so I give you Randy Marsh (Stan's father) as Lorde.

And surprisingly, the song in the second Lorde related episode is very catchy. :XD:…

Sung by Sia, which is actually why I thought of even drawing this picture. I was listening to Chandelier by her and remembered she sung the South Park song. And it didn't help that my boyfriend was talking to me about South Park too coincidentally while I was sketching this.

And thus the birth of this...thing.

Enjoy! :dummy:
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Lorde is Stan's dad m8, GASP plot twist.
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WOW.Shocked This is soooo amazing! This is the reason I love Randy Marsh.I am a dummy! 
RoslynnSommers's avatar
Lol thank you so much! :la:
And yeah, he's awesome. :XD:
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It's not Randy AS Lorde. Randy IS Lorde
RoslynnSommers's avatar
You would be correct. :XD:
MilesProwerArt's avatar
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I love that song. :XD:
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Quite funny and I heard Lorde actually loved when South Park made fun of her that way.
RoslynnSommers's avatar
Yeah she's pretty cool about that. :XD:
FortyTwoPower's avatar
Randy Marsh paying monkeys as always... this time he went the extra mile!
RoslynnSommers's avatar
The song is incredibly catchy though hahaha! :XD:
FortyTwoPower's avatar
And your deviation was fucking! Note 10!
RoslynnSommers's avatar
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You're welcome. I just hope that the Lorde has not seen these episodes.
RoslynnSommers's avatar
She has lol! She seemed indifferent about it though, but not insulted. I think she even redid the song in her own version. Lorde's a cool person. :)
FortyTwoPower's avatar
But you speak of the Lorde really or Randy Marsh?
RoslynnSommers's avatar
Yes, the real Lorde. :D She was very graceful about seeing herself being impersonated by Randy on South Park.
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you're a genius, i can't stop laughing
RoslynnSommers's avatar
Lol, well thank you. :D But I do have to give much credit to South Park for the idea. :)
Dolly-Belladonna's avatar
Dammit Randy I once loved South Park when I was 12 but I grew out of it due to other new things :P
RoslynnSommers's avatar
Yeah South Park's been on for some time now, it'd be hard to keep up with being a fan for a long time. I just got back into it about a year ago 'cause my bf likes it. :P
Dolly-Belladonna's avatar
Hehe, how are those video links I sent you helping ? :)
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