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I Am Lorde - South Park



Ya ya ya, I am bored...

If you don't watch South Park, you probably won't understand this. If you do watch South Park and haven't seen the Lorde episodes, you must do so.

Cool down art. I've been on my computer all day drawing. And it hasn't stopped. ^^; But I needed to change my subject away from being serious about my commissions. I needed to goof, and so I give you Randy Marsh (Stan's father) as Lorde.

And surprisingly, the song in the second Lorde related episode is very catchy. :XD:…

Sung by Sia, which is actually why I thought of even drawing this picture. I was listening to Chandelier by her and remembered she sung the South Park song. And it didn't help that my boyfriend was talking to me about South Park too coincidentally while I was sketching this.

And thus the birth of this...thing.

Enjoy! :dummy:
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Lorde is Stan's dad m8, GASP plot twist.