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Wish Upon a Star

A full view of all of the stars on the dress~! :D

The costume designs were done by ~Hamano--Ayumi with a bit of my own input for Twilight. The painting was done by ~Hamano--Ayumi and ~LittleDogStar. The sewing was done by me.

Character: Twilight Sparkle
Series: My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic

Taken by: :iconm-squaredphotography: at Otakon 2012.

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I love this dress! So pretty!
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Your dress is amazing!
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I wish... to see the rest of your photos!
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Okay, thank you!
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So beautiful! I really love this photo!
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wow :O this is amazing!
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:O This is amazing! Are you planning on making any more?
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Thank you!
Do you mean more MLP cosplay? I don't have anything planned at the moment, but it's definitely a possibility. =)
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awesome job i like it
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Might I ask how you did the stars on your dress? They look really sharp! :)
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Thanks! They were all hand painted by two of my friends. =)
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Absolutely beautiful!
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