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Uncovering the Secret Files

~Hamano--Ayumi and I were trying to figure out props we could use for a shoot and decided to make the gold/silver files you get throughout the game.

Luna: *rosieru-chan (me)
Phi: ~Hamano--Ayumi
Series: Virtue's Last Reward

Taken by: :iconrocknamlee: at Otakuthon 2013.

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I loved Zero Escape!  Even though I haven't quite finished yet.... (Puzzles so tough, agh... X(( )

The main man behind this and 999 says he's still in the dark about making a third Nonary game.  The first two never even sold that well. XP

Anyways great cosplay! ^^
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Aw! If some of the puzzles are giving you trouble, you can always FAQ it?

I know, I heard! I really hope he manages to find a way to fund it. =(

planxtafroggie's avatar
I think he's doing a Kickstarter campaign in the future... or something like it, using some funding service... XDD

Yeah I'll FAQ this eventually.  I have lots of digital downloads on my 3DS because I have an ADHD-like way of going back and forth between games (not that I have actual ADHD, more Asperger's, this is simply a personality trait ^^;Playing Yoshi's New Island and Crimson Shroud right now. XDD

But yes I do love your cosplay and I just like talking to real, actual cosplayers.
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Can't believe I missed this at Otakuthon! :tears: You are both perfect!
rosieru-chan's avatar
Aww, thank you so much!! <3
GlamForUs's avatar
That's perfect!
Thank you for this awesome cosplay!
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This is absolute perfection! I really love the files you girls made. And your wig. God so great
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Awww, thank you so much!! The files were such a last minute decision (I think we made them the night before the con), so I'm really glad they worked out!
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Perfect Cosplay!
Phi and Luna <3
Lotusdatasept's avatar
you ladies look so stunning as always <3
rosieru-chan's avatar
Thank you as always~! <3
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