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In a Time of Peace and Prosperity

I kinda wish I'd had the foresight to add some hair at the top to make the hairline more natural looking before cutting off the extra lace. Oh well, you live and learn. Needle was made by my dad~

This was made to match my partner in crime, ~Hamano--Ayumi, who's planning on doing Jon. The sleeves are fully lined with faux fur, so the entire outfit is pretty toasty. The cloak is fun to swish in too, haha.

Character: Arya Stark
Series: Game of Thrones

Taken by: :iconbelziir: at Montreal Comiccon 2013.

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What a great shot, love your needle.
rosieru-chan's avatar
Thanks! All credit for Needle goes to my dad~ =D
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You got such lovely photoooos! Gotta finish Jon this winter; my aunt is waiting for us to invade her place and her snowy landscape! :DD
rosieru-chan's avatar
Aahh, I love them so much! <3 
Yar~ I can't wait! 8D
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Game of Thrones?  I was thinking Last Airbender, but that works too.