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Have Faith

~Hamano--Ayumi cut and styled the wig, made my mask and armor, and sculpted the broach. Falchion was made by my dad. Everything else was made by me.

I love Lucina to bits and the costume is surprisingly comfortable to wear~ The crown needs to be remade and the armor better secured for the next time I wear it.

Character: Lucina
Series: Fire Emblem: Awakening

Taken by: Jeff Bowden at Otakuthon 2013.

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I love your cosplay. I like the makeup, costume, Falchion, anime hair, crown.
So lovely.

Let's go Lucina!
Rise Above Faith! :iconlucinaplz:
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Amazing job! I love it!
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Are you wearing a bodysuit underneath it if I may ask?
I'm trying to make marth (since I'm a guy haha :p) and have not really a clue how to do the "underneath clothing" (so to speak) :D
rosieru-chan's avatar
I'm wearing a turtleneck and leggings that I made to make the "bodysuit".
Good luck with making Marth! :)
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Thank you! I think I'm gonna do it the same way, first I was thinking of buying a lycra body suit on ebay (like those deadpool/slenderman cosplayer) but I didn't like the colors.
Also I don't think a body suit is easy when you have to go to the toilet haha :p.
rosieru-chan's avatar
Haha, yeah, making it two pieces will definitely make getting in and out of it during the day much easier. XD
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Amazing cosplay <3
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So I finally managed to get Fire Emblem Awakening! :iconkermityayplz: And I'm only at...I think chapter 7 or 8, but MAN I love it to bits.  (WARNING! SPOILERZ) I figured out that "Marth" was Lucina just by going onto the official Fire Emblem website (silly Nintendo leaving up info like that), but she is still such a badass (not to mention pretty hard to fight during the Arena Ferox chapter).

Anyway, your Lucina cosplay is simply awesome.  You've got every detail on the costume right, your father did an AMAZING job creating the Falchion sword, and :iconhamano--ayumi: did an awesome job creating the armor, broach, wig, and mask.  Seriously, you guys all did a great job! :clap:
rosieru-chan's avatar
Oh nice! FE:A is such a fun game, so I'm glad you managed to get ahold of it! =D
And thanks a bunch!
SuperSonic096's avatar
No problem!  I finally managed to get Lucina on my team (I'm at...I think Chapter 16), and she's so amazing!  Super strong attacks, awesome voice acting, and a healing ability with the Parallel Falchion!  Seriously, she's one of my favorite characters in the entire game, both story and gameplay-wise.

Again, your cosplay of Lucina is perfect;  you look just like her!  :iconhamano--ayumi: and your father did a great job helping you out with the other costume details (And that Falchion.  So accurate and badass). :clap: Can you please tell them that I think they did an amazing job?

And I think either Lucina or Chrom should be in the next Smash Bros.  Maybe both!
rosieru-chan's avatar
I'll be sure to do so! =)

And I really hope that there will be an FE:A character in the next Smash Bros. too! Chrom is probably the more likely candidate, but I'm really hoping they put in Lucina!
SuperSonic096's avatar
Get hyped!!!  Lucina is in Smash Bros.! :iconkermityayplz: What do you think?
rosieru-chan's avatar
I'm super excited!!
SuperSonic096's avatar
Yep!  Same here! :D Sure she may be a clone of Marth, but she still looks awesome to play as!  She even has the Mark of Naga in her left eye!  They're really going for details!  Robin also looks awesome to play as!
ChibiCaya's avatar
You look really beautiful and elegant, very Lucina-like :heart:
rosieru-chan's avatar
Aw, thank you so much! <3
Ashuri-K1's avatar
Oh my god I need to know if you made this because it is really amazing
rosieru-chan's avatar
I did! Thank you!
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