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Friendship is Magic

The costume designs were done by ~Hamano--Ayumi with a bit of my own input for Twilight. The painting was done by ~Hamano--Ayumi and ~LittleDogStar. The sewing was done by me.

Pinkie Pie: ~Hamano--Ayumi
Twilight Sparkle: *rosieru-chan (me)
Series: My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic

Taken by: :iconm-squaredphotography: at Otakon 2012.

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These are really gorgeous. Thanks for the inspiration! My little girl just turned five and she and her nine-year-old brother and I have been watching MLP:FiM a whole bunch over the past couple weeks; going to make her either a Twilight or a Celestia costume for Hallowe'en, I think (once she makes up her mind which she wants to be; may end up making two, lol).

Beautiful costumes! Well done! :D
rosieru-chan's avatar
Aw, thank you so much! =D

Good luck with whichever she ends up choosing! I'm sure it'll be super adorable! <3
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I gotta say, when I look at MLP cosplay, I find I often don't like how Pinkie's done... but you've got her right on the money :)
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Thanks on behalf of :iconhamano--ayumi:! She put in a lot of effort trying to get it right! =)
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Aweseome, that's some nice work :)
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Sehr gut! (Very good!) ^_^
VampireSasuGurl's avatar
These are both like so perfect I can't even- ;u;
rosieru-chan's avatar
Aw, thank you! <3
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EnchantedCupcake's avatar
Ahahah! I was the photographer right behind you (Samus), when you were doing this shoot. Still love the gowns!
rosieru-chan's avatar
Oh~! Ahaha, small world! XD
Thank you! =D
nyunyucosplay's avatar
AMAZING! The wigs are perfect. :D Did you weft/style your own or find one that awesome?
rosieru-chan's avatar
Thank you! I wefted and styled the wig myself. =)
nyunyucosplay's avatar
You did a great job with it! A lot of the Twilight wigs disappoint me, or people use Stocking wigs that aren't really quite right.
Royal-Blue-Cosplay's avatar
Adorable! The wigs are so fitting and high quality<3
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Aah you both are gorgeous! <3
It's so nice to see well thought out designs and great craftmanship for ponies!
rosieru-chan's avatar
Aw, thank you! <3
TomatoBoxFairyFeli's avatar
beautiful cosplay!!!!!! u really did a wonderful job!! ^.^
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