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Fire Nation Prince

The first picture I've posted that actually shows a full view of the front of the costume. XD

On a random note, that pathway was pretty cool, although it was tough to walk on in those shoes.

Character: Zuko
Series: Avatar: The Last Airbender

Photos taken by: Pixel Studios at Anime Boston 2011.

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Wow. This is absolutely amazing. :iconawwwplz:

Great job with the outfit (costume?)! :la:
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you are amazing! that cosplay is sooo good!
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Wow, this costume looks so well done! And you make an excellent Zuko. :)

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someone finally got the shoes right :)
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how did u get the shoes like that?
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I made the boots completely from scratch. If you're wondering how I got the ends to curl, I used wire. =)
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I believe the black was a knit that I doubled and backed with some thicker scrap fabric. The yellow part was just a cheap cotton.
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Thanks :) and what did you do for the shoe sole?
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I used two layers of leather on the very bottom. Inside, I made an insole using two layers of craft foam sandwiched between a layer of thick interfacing.
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Congratulations! It was pretty cool! ^-^
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Aaah you look amazing Kimmy!!!!
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