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Heather! by Rosie-Love98 Heather! :iconrosie-love98:Rosie-Love98 2 3 The Fantasy Kids by Rosie-Love98 The Fantasy Kids :iconrosie-love98:Rosie-Love98 9 16
My Descendants: Nadira
This is the first of my Disney Royal Fan-Babies. Why am I making them, you ask? Well, I hate the "Disney's Descendants" franchise so much, that I want to do it right. Giving the kids better stories, character, and better names. No offense to "Descendants" fans. You like what you like, just leave me out of it. Meanwhile, I've been trying to conjure up a daughter do Aladdin and Jasmine ever since I was little. I've came up with the name and story. I just need to come up with a character design for her. Anyway, here's the profile.
Nadira Bint Aladdin:
Date of Birth: July 21st, 426 B.C.
Place of Birth: The Palace of Agrabah.
Date of Death: N/A
Place of Death: N/A
Parents: Aladdin (father) and Jasmine (mother).
Sibling(s): None.
Spouse: Prince Farrokh of Vaejah (husband).
Other Relatives: Cassim (paternal grandfather), The Sultan (maternal grandfather), The Sultana (maternal grandmother), and Sharma (maternal cousin).
Hobbies: Writing, baking, reading,
Personality: Contemplative
:iconrosie-love98:Rosie-Love98 2 16
Stephanie's Mother. by Rosie-Love98 Stephanie's Mother. :iconrosie-love98:Rosie-Love98 10 10 Sister of Sportacus by Rosie-Love98 Sister of Sportacus :iconrosie-love98:Rosie-Love98 13 10 Top 5 WORST Knock-Offs Base by Rosie-Love98 Top 5 WORST Knock-Offs Base :iconrosie-love98:Rosie-Love98 8 0 Top 5 Decent Knock-Offs Base by Rosie-Love98 Top 5 Decent Knock-Offs Base :iconrosie-love98:Rosie-Love98 5 0 The Woman of the Island. by Rosie-Love98 The Woman of the Island. :iconrosie-love98:Rosie-Love98 6 5 Look At The Eyes by Rosie-Love98 Look At The Eyes :iconrosie-love98:Rosie-Love98 8 7
The Monster Movie Timeline
This is what I hate about doing time-lines; the writers of these properties would want to be so anachronistic that you don’t know when the film takes place. Don’t get me wrong, I like anachronism. “Jesus Christ Superstar” as well as “Herucles: The Legendary Journeys” are filled with them and I love them to bits. But, when you want to write fanfiction and want to get the film’s timeline’s down, so you can be able to make a well-researched story, it’s a pain in the neck. Especially when it comes to the Universal Monster movies. By doing math of the ages of some of the actors, going by books some of these films were based on and nearly giving myself an aneurysm, here are two guesses on what the timelines of the Universal Monsters Movies are. I had even added in “Cat People”, "Black Sunday" and “Cry of the Werewolf”. No, they’re not from Universal, but I couldn’t help but bring them in for the sake of
:iconrosie-love98:Rosie-Love98 4 5
Just Can't Win by Rosie-Love98 Just Can't Win :iconrosie-love98:Rosie-Love98 9 8 The Burning Bush by Rosie-Love98 The Burning Bush :iconrosie-love98:Rosie-Love98 10 2 Movies That Disney Need To Make BASE by Rosie-Love98 Movies That Disney Need To Make BASE :iconrosie-love98:Rosie-Love98 4 0
All Coming To Them
{The scene opens with a floating crystal ball. Within it, we see a grey, desolate garden. There, Jareth converses the Fairy with the Turquoise Hair called Mona.}
Mona: No, you were hurting and thought you were doing right.
Jareth: It’s still wrong, Mona! And look at yourself! Just now, you’ve told me you had attempted-
Mona: {hushes him softly} It will be over soon. I know it.
{The grey clouds exposed white lightning. The thunder roared as cold waters began to fall from the sky. From such exposer, the pair ran to a tunnel made of flowers that would lead to their castle.}
Jareth: God, this weather…
Mona: Jareth, this is in your world.
Jareth: As if I don’t know that? I’m just not in the mood to change it, that’s all.
Mona: {looks down with morose} I…I understand.”
{The thunder roars. Prompting Mona and Jareth to cower next to each other.}
Jareth: There were nights when the wind was so cold,
:iconrosie-love98:Rosie-Love98 3 5
My god... by Rosie-Love98 My god... :iconrosie-love98:Rosie-Love98 7 12 My Cats Character Score by Rosie-Love98 My Cats Character Score :iconrosie-love98:Rosie-Love98 4 12


Here's Heather from "The Adventures of Gadget Boy and Heather". This pic is a sneak peak on a later project. Hope you like it :) .

(I own nothing.)
When people say it's OK to make mistakes. THEN they get mad when you make said mistakes.
The Fantasy Kids
...Did I say "Kids"? Though to be fair, they are/were the youths (and pretty much rulers) from some mystical lands. There's Peter Pan (Hook), Princess Ozma (Return to Oz), Princess Camille (Little Nemo), The Little Prince (well...The Little Prince) and the Childlike Empress (Neverending Story). Hope you like it :) !!

Meanwhile, original base is from here:…

(I own nothing.)
I already have three other art trades to do so please bear with me. But I will get these and upcoming ones done soon. Still, I'll be taking about 4 people until June 27th . I will do these pictures as long as it's...

(1.) Family friendly.
(2.) Not complicated to draw (I can only do so much with Microsoft Paint).

With that in mind, please feel free to let me know what you want to do an art trade about.


Jennea Cubero
Artist | Student | Other
United States
Born and raised in the US and hopes to fulfill the dreams.


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