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The Diaper Games [Part 6]

By Rosie-BRS
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[ Patreon commission for :iconaika092: continuing the series~

This is another image from the chapter:
The Diaper Games [Part 6] by BlackRoseSeduction

These have been made for a while; the story apparently took a bit to write. ^^ If you were on Patreon, then you got to see it early when it was made. The image of them on the bus was the first picture that I ever tried to set up warped perspective manually (creating a fisheye lens effect without just warping an image afterwards. Actually drawing it to fit a warped grid to get the effect). It was really fun!! Very challenging too. I didn't get it quite right, but it's close enough for my tastes at least.~ I wanted that security camera look!

The second picture (the main one above) was fun too~ Not as challenging, but definitely fun to plan. I really enjoyed these shots~

Story was written by Aika and can be found here:…

Previous chapters can be found here: blackroseseduction.deviantart.…

Til next time!
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Poor girls! I want those earrings though ...
Jackiegirl521's avatar
While I am not an ABDL affectionado, I am a huge fan of yours and this story...❤️ it!
chernika's avatar
Hm .. so what prevents them from running away now ?
Devil621's avatar
Yeah I am so glad there is another.
fyunch's avatar
Wonderful story.  Great drawings!
ColtonthePhantom's avatar
This looks amazing and cute. Great job.
define-deviant's avatar
OverFlo207's avatar
This booty sure feels crinkly ..-/////////W//////-.. 
ABAlex's avatar
OOO this is a twist!
Rhys1010's avatar
What a game for the girls.
NidokingoftheWorld's avatar
Hang on. Is that an enema tube?
Rosie-BRS's avatar
There's a story for context~
NidokingoftheWorld's avatar
That much I knew. Will start reading it soon. :D
feartheoldblood's avatar
Rosie and Aika, leaning on a tree~
adambunnys's avatar
Love it, school girls rock my world! Beautiful work. x
animal-delos's avatar
Ohhhh that naughty little skirt lift. Hehe. Such good work, Rosie. Great job, proud of you. ^^
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Expose he diapered butt to the world!
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