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- If you share my work, credit it.

- Please don't caption my works. Especially not for SubscribeStar, Patreon, etc. I write my own stories, thanks!

- Writings are found in the info tag on my art posts. Please check that before asking about the art.

- I do Commissions occasionally. More info on that and SubscribeStar options here.

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Hello. How are you?

Hey there!

I don't watch nsfw contents but I have to reach out because there's a really big problem.

Some people had been stealing bondage arts and they uploaded them into compilations on Youtube. If you visit my page, I made a post about them already, and I need you and other artists' help to stop them from stealing more art.

Here's the post:

If you can, can you promote this post so that many people will see this and stop the art thieves? Sorry for bothering and thanks so much for noticing!

Were you planning to do the "blush" art competition this year? I might try writing something up even if there's no actual prize. I've been meaning to write more.

I wasn’t. It’s become hard to manage along with everything else occuring in life around that time and attendance has fizzled, so its easier to not do it.

If you’d like to write something, I’ll read it. Just send me a message.

That's fair. I hope the season is treating you well...

Wjhat does BRS mean?