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Workings of a Toaster

Little grains and toast kneading some bread.
Knead faster!!! I want my toast now!

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their faces just them alone is cute 
BleuBelladonna's avatar
How could you eat something so adorable?
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I love the way food works in your art!
RoseyCheekes's avatar
They make themselves. We eat them :D
CheeseburgerTom's avatar
A delicious circle of life, and they always seem so joyful about it!
NiftyNautilus's avatar
That's adorable! I love your art style and your creative ideas! :D
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Bunneahmunkeah's avatar
Toasty! So very adorable.
RoseyCheekes's avatar
They are all nice and toasty in the toaster :)
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I always knew there was some shenanigans going on in there! Those cute, crafty, crustalumptious toasts...

I absolutely adore the miniature tea set! Complete with dainty cakes! :9
RoseyCheekes's avatar
Mmm crustalumptious toast! They like to snack on little biscuits when working hard :)
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Great concept! :iconbunnyloveplz:
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So creative and super cute!
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oh my god this is so deadly cute!!
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OMG!! this is sooo cute!
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