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So many different types... how can I choose just one?

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aww...Maple....Chisaki Crying Icon 
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Hibiya Amamiya (Cries) [V2] no . . . don't make me cry more than i already did Akio Crying Icon  omg the pain
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Made with 100,000,000% unfiltered adorable, each and every one of them! I think I want a rose and a green tea one now, respectively, I love those flavours to bits XD
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TARO and green tea please!!! :heart: :heart:
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The personalities on every one of these makes me giggle: Rose hiding, the blue one telling the bottom brown one to brush his tooth, maple being so distressed with an extra sign sticking out of his head and the two being so inanely cute and happy. And there is Taro looking concerned for Rose. I love all your little foods!
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So so so kavaii style
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Pick maple cause he is all sad :( 
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I can't there so cute, what are they?
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Italian ice cream :)
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Italian Ice Cream :iconrlytearplz:
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So good the tears are pouring :D
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poor maple!!! why you're so sad?? =( I would eat... ehmmm... hug you!!! ^^"
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The sign hurt him :(
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YES! Ho voglio un gelato...:P
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lol Oops I didn't read the title and thought they were cupcakes at first! They sound really tasty, though I could never eat them, they're too cute! ^o^
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But they want to have a party in your mouth :D Eat them, eat them!!!
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I love how you put personality into your characters. Absolutely fabulous and heart warming :)
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Thank you :D it's my favourite part of making an illustration. I love including completely random delinquent behaviour to add a bit of fun.
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Hehe always the best :)
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