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Not that anyone particularly cares, but I'm gonna go on a little tangent here. I'm sick and tired of simmering on my feelings, so I'm gonna get them out.

So I realized recently that, what with all the fanart I used to do, I wasn't focusing on myself enough. I was so busy worrying about the desires of other people, that I neglected to worry about my own. Meaning that I never gave myself the chance to do with my art and characters what I should have done. I never really had friends growing up, so I get a bit obsessive about them in recent years. It's caused me(and them) a lot of trouble.
Anyways, I shoved all my characters and storylines into collaborative projects, and turned them into things that they were never meant to be. I suppose I was so thrilled to share a world with someone, that I lost touch with my own shit and sent myself flying into a completely different mindset altogether. Or maybe it was also because of my... 'self-social negligence induced obsession', I guess we'll call it, for lack of a better term, helped me along with my borderline delusional thought processes. So I've decided to bring back some old stuff that I took in the wrong directions, and get them back on the track that they were supposed to initially be on. Old characters, specifically. Now that I have more time to myself, I figured that I might as well get my shit back together and fix some inconsistencies, and maybe make some improvements - if I can manage that, of course.

And as a little status update at the end here, I guess I'll tell you, that I've been spending most of my time making Rose's Encephalon house in The Sims 3(sinceI'mpoorandcan'taffordTheSims4Lolkillme). Obviously, it's pretty damn inaccurate in countless ways, but I was considering taking screenshots and uploading them anyway. But something tells me that nobody would be interested in that. I don't know - I'm still trying to make up my mind. It's so close to being done. I just have to recolor a few more things, and that'll be that.
I've also spent a lot of time drawing the official 'Reitannified Rose', and trying to make sure that it's up to par, as well as spending almost a full month on her bio(on & off work, obviously). And because of that, I've neglected to scan and upload the already-finished traditional art I have sitting on my desk. But I'm also on the rag, so If I'm not in a creepily good mood, then I'll feel like total, absolute shit. It's always one or the other with me. So I'll have to wait until my body isn't beating me over the head with my own hormones before I can decide what to do.

So that's probably the last tangent of the rest of the year. I hope.

Oh, and if you've read this far(thank you so much), I wanna let you know, that you should have a few minutes of time on your hands to read Rose Blaise's bio, if you're interested in her. It, as well as the notes at the beginning, are VERY long. I put a lot of work into it, so it's pretty damn lengthy.
Dane | *UPDATED - 12/6/18*
Made with this:…

So a while back, I realized just how cringy and stupid the old description of this picture was. But I never changed it for some reason. So I'm going to try this again, and see if I can make it better.
And yes, I did flip the image. Mainly because, ever since I made him in this dollmaker for the first time, I had gotten into the habit of drawing him backwards. So I figured I'd just keep it that way.
Keep in mind, that I do not remember the mindset I was in when I made him. I don't even remember why I made him in the first place. I can only assume that the Others in Encephalon were a subconscious inspiration for him, seeing as how he bears such a strong resemblance to them. And I say 'assume' because I don't remember anything about his creation. It's kind of an enigma in my memory.

Dane is Rosewood's demon. He is an amalgamation of all of Rose's negative qualities, those being: lust(which she internalizes), violent/murderous urges, urges to self-harm/commit suicide, her fear of people, and her desire to alienate/seclude herself.
Dane is obviously an extremely morbid, and twisted little thing. He's extremely perverted, violent, and can sometimes be slightly manic depending on Rose's mindset/mood. And no matter what he says, he'll almost always say it in a low, cold, and yet seductive voice. Whether it be a death threat, describing a murder fantasy, or just flirting, it will always sound sultry with an unsettlingly threatening undertone.
Dane has the ability to mildly morph his appearance, such as changing the length and size of his arms, legs - even being able to slightly change his height and weight. But he can't fully shape-shift into something else, nor can he possess objects, or people other than Rose. I considered this a possibility once before, but trashed it because it didn't make sense.

Dane has the ability to generate long, giant shadow tendrils that come from his back, and he can use those as weapons or restraints if he chooses to do so. He can also completely disappear undetected into shadows of any intensity. He actually almost always hide's in Rosewood's shadow.
He can also turn into a large, canine-like shadow beast with three tails, and ungodly long teeth and claws. In this form, his is incredibly powerful, and actually can't speak words. He only becomes this monster when he - or better yet, Rosewood - becomes unstable, and he loses control over his power. He is extremely dangerous like this, and could potentially cause a fatality if left unchecked.

This version of him is actually thought to be his base form. It's theorized that this is what he truly looks like, but chooses to take on a human figure.

His relationship with Rosewood began just after she turned 14, which wasn't too long after her life, as she describes, "turned for the worst".
It was in the middle of the night, all of her bedroom lights turned off, and her room only being lit by the light of the moon shining in through the window next to her bed - which was surprisingly bright. She had been crying and harming herself that night, simply sitting upright in her bed and staring blankly at the wall. She kept feeling these flashes of cold and hot all over her body for about half an hour by this time, and had given up on trying to fall asleep. All of a sudden, she got this feeling that she was being watched. She got this sudden feeling of paranoia, as if there was something or someone that she needed to run from. It felt like someone had stroked her shoulder with their fingertip. She flinched hard, but found herself unable to actually get up and leave the room despite how afraid she was. When she focused on the darkest corner of the room in front of her, next to the door, she saw two very small, red, horizontal lines right next to each other. After a few seconds, they got larger; Rose coming to the realization that they were eyes that just opened up.
She tried to gulp down some sort of a whimper, but her throat was bone-dry. Then, before she could do anything else, a shadowy, humanoid figure seemed to build itself of black smoke drawn from the shadows themselves. It took one step forward, seeming to wait for Rose to make some kind of attempt to run away.
Rosewood instead, in a foolish, blind panic, grabbed the knife she had used hours before, and held it in front of her, as if she were preparing to use it to defend herself, which she jokes about these days as being one of the dumbest things she's ever done. But the shadow figure let out a low, cold chuckle that had a mild echo to it, and it took another step. And another, and another, until it was standing mere inches away from Rose. As the light illuminated the figure, Rosewood found that it looked like a human male with pale skin, and jet black hair swooped over and slightly obscuring it's right eye. It opened its mouth to try and speak while taking another, larger step forward, and it was at that moment that Rose shut her eyes tight and swung upward to the right with her knife, leaving a long slash across the thing's face.
It's growled lowly, not seeming to react or even register the pain for what it was. Though it did flinch back into the shadows, wiping the black blood off of it's face and snarling at Rosewood.
And that was when they met. For some reason, that first cut was the only injury from that point on that managed to leave a scar. You could cut his head off and there wouldn't be a scar, but that one slash on his face stayed in the form of a scar for some unknown reason.

Dane and Rosewood's relationship has changed and morphed a lot over the years that they've known one another. They started off absolutely hating each other, and Dane actually tried making Rose take her own life, and even tried killing her himself. And Rose used to despise him as well. She used to wish he would disappear and leave her be, but she's gotten into a love-hate relationship with him, and has grown to almost appreciate his existence in her life. Nowadays, she says that she couldn't possibly imagine living without him, even though he does cause her a lot of trouble. And she admits that she actually does rather enjoy his company when she's all by herself.

And no. Despite what's in the image, he does not actually have wings at all. Those were probably an impulse addition I added when I made him. Not only has there never been a recorded instance of his wings being utilized in any RPs or stories, but after so long of having him, I can't imagine him having them at all anymore. So those wings certainly aren't canon to his design.
And after some fanart of him that was made a while back, I decided to officially give him spiked black bracelets that match his choker.
I might even end up altering his clothes at some point too, but I haven't decided on that yet.

I'm currently very sleep deprived and creatively shot in terms of writing. I'm also working on a request that needs to be finished soon, so there's still probably a lot here that could be either changed, or expanded upon.
*Desc.* | Tierra Manga Avatar
Made with:…

If I could have made her hair an even lighter blonde, I would've. I would've also made her eyes a much darker, more saturated brown as well.
*Desc.* | Anna Manga Avatar
Made with this:…
I usually don't edit things I make in dollmakers, because I always wanna use the base game material and nothing else, just as a challenge. But I had this itching feeling that I just had to do an Anna edit. So I did. I'm starting to think that I shouldn't have changed her eye shape to one that differs from Rei's, but whatever. It's too late to fix it now.
*Desc.* | Rei Manga Avatar
Made with this:…
I'm sorry I'm doing so much Reitanna shit. But dammit, she's too fun to make in dollmakers! I'll upload other stuff soon, I promise.


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Don't be an asshole to anyone in the comments. You do it once, you get a warning. You do it twice, you get blocked.

I highly recommend that you do NOT watch me, just because I either watched you, and/or faved your stuff. It is not at all appreciated, and it actually very much annoys me.

I tend to be apathetic and blunt on occasion, though my intentions aren't ill. If you wanna know if something I said was meant to be mean or not, just ask me. I'd rather clear up a misunderstanding than be asked a question all the time, to be honest.

Most of the time I'm either being awkward and self-deprecating, or agitated and self-deprecating. Basically, I make fun of myself all the time. I also rant a lot, so there's probably a lot of things here that you won't/don't give a single shit about.
I also cuss like a sailor.

I'm not good at explaining who I am as a person, so you'd probably learn more about me just from skimming through my interests rather than read a bio, even if I could write a good one. Lol.


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