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Robot unicorn rider, Batman

I finished my cracky batman riding robot unicorn piece... complete with dolphins and lots of sparkles. ^^;
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Take my money! :)
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I love this, I have a print of it hanging on my wall that I bought from ya at FAnime I think it was  a while back... <3 So fun. 
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Logically speaking if batman and ponies are both AWESOME! If you combine them you get something even more unbelievably BRILLIANT!! 

The robot thing is a nice touch, maybe you could do another with a robot batman riding a real unicorn in a brewery [LOL] ... ... ... ... Please DO THIS!!! 
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Sparkle sparkle sparkle?
SomeKindaSpy's avatar
Sparkle Sparkle Sparkle
ToxicHeadphones's avatar
:iconfuckyeahplz:sparkle sparkle sparkle!!
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Sparkle sparkle, man! Sparkle sparkle!
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This is win. It's just win.

:empllama: :eyepopping: :emplllama:
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Win on so many levels
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you have no idea how epic this is!!
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*starts laughing* So Cute And Funny!!!
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Lol My Friend Bought This At Fanime. She Says This Is How She Felt About The Movie.
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This is the most badass thing I've seen all day..
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This is so awesome! If I can't convince my daughter to make this the theme of her next birthday, it will be the theme of MY next birthday!

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... wow. this is so...

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This makes me happy in so many ways =]
$20 says Batman would have the thing tricked out the first 10 minutes he got his hands on it.
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Why is this not the most viewed image on the internet?
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This is weird. :stare: I absolutely love it. :D
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This. Is. Totally random, but also very epic! xD
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