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Train To Botanica

Have been working on and off with this for a long time now and it feels good to be able to show it to you at last!
Ill probably make some updates sometime on it improving certain elements.

Felt i was missing a good train painting and wanted to make it one of my best pieces.

I love botany and steampunk should be some sort of steampunk sub-genre...lets call
Where steampunk is combined with botanical gardens, greenhouses, huge tree cities, decorative flower fabrics, weird and exotic plants....a bit more art nouveau inspired and more organic.

Created from skratch in photoshop, no photo references used.
Here are some early sketches:
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Very unique design for a train engine. I would never have come up with a design like this.👏🙂👍 just need to see what face and personality it would have on the island of Sodor with Thomas and company and it should be all set.

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:la: :la::la: This is INSANELY good, I think this is your best work yet, The imagination, the bright colors, and the details on the train are astonishing, went into my Bests Collection!

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Its a masterpiece!

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That's a really great idea actually, good stuff.
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May i use this picture for an educational game ? I will credit you in the game.
This is super rad! I've been looking for inspiration for art nouveau meets technology, and this is an amazing example. Thanks so much for sharing it! :)

If you really like art nouveau, you should check out solarpunk!
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Thank you! Had never heard of Solarpunk before, but it sounded like my type of world, thanks for making me awear. :thumbsup:
No worries! Glad I could help you find it. I only found solarpunk by chance a couple years ago and have been obsessed since. LOL
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Gosh that's beautiful
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Good Heavens, the engine itself is a work of art; if only they designed my city bus with this aesthetic! You just earned a +Watch. =)
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Florapunk sounds like exactly the kind of thing I'd be into. :happybounce:  Love the worlds you design; the color scheme and detail on the train are gorgeous!
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Thank you, glad you like my vision! :)
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The Trans-Siberian Railway, which was completed a hundred years ago.
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steampunk look much?
How fantastically otherworldly.  Elegance abounds in this realm.
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That's so beautiful :)
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Simply Awesome!
Did you ever heard of an old French game Transarctica?
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Very beautiful! :)
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Amazing....simply amazing!
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This has got to be one of the most beautiful concepts I have come across in my entire life!!!
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your work is fantastic... a totally wow effect!
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A wonderful image and interpretation of the subject.
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This is AMAZING!!!Truly E-P-I-C!...I think you are starting a whole new sub-genre chapter in science fiction here! Great work
I would love to see more of this Florapunk...and maybe a bit of genuine steampunk.Cause i bet you'll do an awsome work like this masterpiece over there!
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