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In The Face Of Danger, You Must RUN! -Chapter 6-
The light of the morning sun illuminated the cloudy sky. The wind was crisp and a sharp chill lingered in the air. At a nearby playground, two children, no older than eight, were happily playing.
“Aiko, I'm gonna get you!”
“You'll never catch me, Sanosuke-kun!” The little girl shouted at her friend as she ran far ahead of him.
“I'll show you! RAAAAWR!!!”
Sanosuke started to jump at Aiko but quickly realized she had stopped running. His friend was standing still in front of a blonde stranger.
He rested his hand on his friend's shoulder but got no response. Her eyes seemed fixated on the mysterious girl as if she were in a trance.
“Is this your friend? We were just playing together,” the stranger spoke up. She kneeled down in front of the two children. “What's your name?”
“S-Sanosuke.” the boy replied shyly.
“Would you like to play with us?”
Sanosuke nodded innocently and the girl
:iconrosestarberry:RoseStarBerry 1 0
In The Face Of Danger, You Must RUN! -Chapter 5-
“Are you sure you're ready? I'm not gonna hold back this time.”
Serina shifted her feet apart, digging her sneakers into the dark earth.  A cool breeze blew through the forest of trees and tumbled her dyed black hair. Raising her arms in front, she opened her palms and beckoned the person before her.
“Give me all you've got, Yusuke.”
The boy charged, swinging his left fist at her. She swayed to the right to avoid it only to be socked by his other hand. The girl fell back hitting the trunk of a nearby tree before Yusuke began again. He threw a flurry of punches just to have them dodged. Serina ducked and made a hard counter at the boy's stomach, knocking him down.
“Hey, nice punch!” Yusuke coughed, rubbing his abdomen.
“Really? Thanks!”
“Do you really think a demon would fall for a weak move like that? Her strength is nothing without using spirit energy.”
The two teens turned around to see Hiei stumble down from the branch
:iconrosestarberry:RoseStarBerry 3 0
In The Face Of Danger, You Must RUN! -Chapter 4-
  It was lunchtime at Meiou High. Serina silently slipped away from the classroom and worked her way to the roof. With a package of melon bread that she snagged from the school's lunch stall, she found a spot by the corner and sat down to eat. The girl was beside herself. There were still so many questions she wanted answers for. Genkai had helped to diagnose her 'condition' and explain how spirit energy worked but there were still so many things she wanted to know. Things she needed to know. Yet, a fear of finding those answers lingered inside of her. She had always been alone when dealing with these sort of problems. No one had ever known about her past with Juno, not even the foster parent who had brought her to this country. Now, the people she had met last night and her classmate knew about her supernatural life.
  'I was such an idiot to think I could live a normal life here.' She thought as she looked up to the sky. 'All I wanted was to get away from Juno...a
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I'm finally back after... what.... a month?


Long story short, Amazon dun goofed with my processor that I needed to build my computer and much heartache and empty wallet-ness was had. I have everything settled now, but still....

Kao Emoji-09 (Inspired) [V1] 


Updates are gonna come slowly but surely. If you can't wait that long, then take a look at my tumblr where I reblog stuff and generally waste time/make an ass of myself, haa~
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