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Anni M
Artist of multi medias, mum, critter and underground comix lover. I don't know what else to say!
Written ages ago when my son was a little guy. Can't believe that he sat through 3 hours of this movie...anyway, thought I's share.

The Titanic, Ben and I
Learn something new every day. Last Oct, Uncle John gave Benny the Titanic on VHS. Until then, he had only seen parodies of it, skits, jabs on Family Guy, stuff like that. Last night he finally wanted to watch it in my room, since I have the last working VHS machine in there and I said 'Sure, go have a bath and I'll join you' He was in and out of the tub in 5 seconds, but he smelled better so I let him crawl in bed with me. We broke out the snacks and off we sailed. I figured this kid only wants to see the big berg and bodies flying off the ship--he IS an 11 year old boy after all.

Nope. He got engrossed in the love story of Jack and Rose and HATED Cal , especially when he slapped her.
"You JERK" he screamed at the tv.
When Jack and Rose went below deck to party with the "lower classes', he had questions about class distinction. He cheered when Rose knocked back half a glass of beer and got up on her tippy toes. Clapping to the music, he said, "The Irish have the best parties, don't they?"
"Sure do, kiddo" I said wryly. (being an Irish Jew, I need to add that we all have great parties...LOL)

Young Rose is posing for her portrait and I hear beside me, "Wow, he's a good artist , mum. Almost as good as you!" Thanks, sweety, I thought, I'm not THAT good! The guy who actually did the drawing was, however)

NEXT, The ship hits the berg..."Mum? Do you think if they hit it straight on instead of turning left, would the ship still have sunk?" I explained, "The theory is that it could have limped to Newfoundland , which was the closest piece of land to them, so probably"
"DON"T TURN LEFT!!!" he hollers in my ear at the TV.

Now the action is getting underway. Jack is cuffed to the pipe and Rose is saving him. He cheered again when the cuffs broke.
Cut to Rose's mother asking if the lifeboats are divvied into classes. He had a few choice words to say about this. Or when the 2nd and 3 classes are still gated below and the water is rising while the 1st class people board the life boats. He was getting really steamed up. "That frigging SUCKS!! That's not fair!"
"Unfortunately, that's how it was babe".

"Well, it sucks! And nobody knows what they're doing!!"
"That's called pure pandemonium, love. People don't think rationally when they are panicking"

And that's how it went until we're nearly at the end. Rose and Jack are in the water. He's listening to every word Jack is saying to Rose. And now Jack is gone...I hear a little sniff beside me, but don't look. I just squeezed his hand.
The one boat which turned back to look for survivors in the water amped up HIS waterworks..."All those poor people...ROSE! Get the whistle! Blow the whistle!!!"
Cut to The older Rose tossing the diamond into the water. "Why is she throwing it away?"
"I guess she giving it back to the ocean, to the ship and to where her lover died, Sweety". That was good enough for Ben

And when Old Rose dies just as Jack said she would, warm and safe in her bed, he said, "That's how Great Grandma died, right mum?"
"Yes honey, she died in her sleep".
"That how I want to die too. Wasn't that an awesome movie?" He yawns and goes to brush his teeth; goes to bed.
The best, Ben.


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