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Joyeux Anniversaire mon cheri

Journal Entry: Wed Aug 23, 2017, 4:19 AM

9736838 Orig by RedPassion

B8847a6c by RedPassion
Today is the birthday of Louis XVI. King of France and Navarre - 23.08.1754 - (21.1.1793)! (the 263th birthday today)

(Example from my german homepage/Bio I'm writing of him::
Ludwig August(<-german version) (french. Louis-Auguste) was the 5th child and 3rd son of the grand Dauphin (Crown prince) Ludwig Ferdinand (french: Louis-Ferdinand de France), son of King Louis XV. and Queen Maria Leszczyńska and of the Dauphine (Crown princess) and second wife, Maria Josepha von Sachsen (Marie-Josepha de Saxe). He was born on a Friday morning between 6.30A.M und 6.45A.M on the 23. August. 1754 at Versailles.

He was the best king France could ever have had and had some great achivments - for example;
In the first 9 years of his regency the king was very popular. He was the only king in the 18. century who won a war against England. Louis got it  to brace again France position as an thalassocracy, cause he reconstruct the navy hugely. It could had rival with the British one without problems. France could in the  war of independence, which Necker also recommend, hold steady in front of England and helped the Americans in 1776 to be independent.
Reformations like:
Transaction of the lil reformations for the first : austerity measures, abrogation of the province-bounds, improvements in justice, a search for improvement opportunities for the prisons, revision of potential misjudgment, release of wrongly condemned man, disempowerment and ablation of the old minister  (Choiseul), calling Turgots:  the awareness for structural reformations to get a fewer dissimilar and wealthily community are inevitable. The first reformation apply to the handicraft. Then the farmers, which should become free of uncleared work performance (corvee) . This etiquette was , against the unwillingness of the magistrate and cause of the press of Louis registered. Implementation of more reformations (free delivery medical attendance of people which suffered under sexually transmitted diseases. Abolishment of mediaevally privileges.      
Also Reformation in military administration, appointment of the parliament (Notablen), abolishment of the torture, origination of more public workstations(eg. dewatering of  morasses) for example scantier which could work then for a good wages. Enhancement of the hygiene in hospitals and prison.

Lu by RedPassion
But he was also a devoted loving father,a respectful husband and talented artist. He wasn't just able to create locks as a fantastic lock(and black)smith, but by kreating beautiful pocket clocks (build and painted them). The same counts for Maps(cartography), which he drew his first one in the age of 11y.! And at the same age he wrote a full guide of his most favourite forest Compiégne (Description de la forêt de Compiègne, avec le guide de la forêt 1765).
He collected the most beautiful china at Versailles. loved the hunt and sciences like the modern medicine and supported new inventions like the one of the Montgolfier brothers - which started their first public balloon flight at Versailles (19 September 1783). He loved to read passionatly. He was able to speak English, German, Spanish, Italian, Dutch and for the Duc du Nord in 1782 also a bit russian!

My presents of this year:

EN Version P1-Joyeux anniversaire mon amour! 2017 by RedPassion  EN Version P2-Joyeux anniversaire mon amour! 2017 by RedPassion  EN Version P3-Joyeux anniversaire mon amour! 2017 by RedPassion

To the one I Love...

I'm at a loss for words right now. I need you my one, my all.. Its as if the very breath was taken from my lungs, as if my heart was ripped from my chest, its as if I woke up alone on an empty sea staring at the moon wondering why? I love you so much that even if there were words to describe it they all certainly wouldn't fit on this page, not or a hundred, or a million of these pages. My love for you continues to grow with each passing day. If I want to smile I merely think of you and the sun shines a little brighter upon my face. At night the stars paint your portrait in the heavens, and the wind speaks your name to me.

Always yours

My most beloved picture of my darling!

"Je meurs innocent des crimes dont on m'accuse, mais je pardonne à ceux qui me condamnent;
et je prie Dieu que le sang que vous êtes sur le point de faire couler ne retombera pas
sur la France"
My love LouisXVI.was murdered-23.8.1754-21.1.1793:rose::rzero:

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