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Hello friends, it's been a long time...

I'm finally coming back to this because I was mostly wondering if any of you still play Neopets.  I know, I know, we all abandoned it a long time ago BUT I logged back on the other day to discover my account had been hacked and two of my beloved pets had been discarded.

So I'm foolishly trying to get them back.

Does anyone who still plays have any pull on the site?  Are you popular?  Would you promote my story?

If you don't play any more, do you have pets you would allow me to use as bartering to get mine back?  Do you have NP you would let me have?

Anyways, I know it's likely a futile attempt and I shouldn't care about this anymore (I'm 30 for God's sake!) BUT I do.  They were with me for a long time and I can't leave them to dust so...
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Hi guys.  I know I like NEVER come here anymore...  but here's an update:

1. I'm Tumbling. As of yesterday.  Yes, I'm a n00b and yes, that took me forever, but it's happening.  No, I won't share my username.  Why?  It's going to be my outlet of fangirling so... I don't really want anyone I care about to see it.  Lawls.

2. That said, I'm fangirling.  HARDCORE.  Like, I haven't fangirled this hard for something in a long time.  I'm fangirling so hard that I've gotten back into FANFICTION.  ME!  It's been over 10 years since I last read a proper fanfic!  What has me converted?  BBC Sherlock.  OMFG if you haven't seen it, you need to.  That's all I'll say.

3. NaNoWriMo.  I won this month - won on the 12th!  Story got way off track, though, so I'm unhappy with the manuscript as a whole and will need to do some serious fixing... but it's getting there.  The story has a lot of promise so at least there's that!

4. Original art for original characters.  This was kind of a problem I ran into... what to do with art that I create for my own stories?  For the stories that I hope to some day publish for realz?  I don't want to upload them here under this username (this one is for fanart and Neopets, mostly, I guess?).  So I've, for now, just put them on my author Facebook page.  I don't really want to create another DA account, but I may have to if I decide I want to showcase them somewhere else.  I dunno - what do you guys think?

5. I'm not sure what else to say.  How's everyone else doing?
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I'd better add a new journal since my old one was so... old!

I just got back from visiting Seattle and going to SakuraCon for the first time!  Unfortunately, it was probably the only time I'll go to it since I'm really from Colorado...

But the artists I met there were so talented!  The Devmeet was PACKED and it was a lot of fun to talk about art with people since I don't get to do that in my everyday life!  I passed around some papers and we did some collab doodles so I'll be scanning and uploading those hopefully today.  Here's a list of artists who made it to the meet:…

Anyway, that's about it!  Though I do feel inspired to actually work on some more artwork at some point.  My poor DA account was getting rather dusty.  That, and my Dev ID is four years old XD Woops.
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So I know it seems like I haven't done any art in the last year but that's not true!  I actually have, I just haven't uploaded it!

See, I've written novels (two now, omg) and doodled some things to illustrate them.  I don't want to post them here, though, because I don't want to run into copyright problems against myself... if that makes any sense??  Like... they were drawn by RL!Rose and the stuff here is drawn by online!Rose.

So anyways, that's it.  I did create a fan page on Facebook (LOL RITE???) so I can post them there under my real name x)  If anyone's interested, good luck finding me - I have 5 fans, including myself and four of my friends from my writing group.  HA!

So yeah, I've done a lot of planning for NaNo this year.  I'm really going all out :o  It's going to be the first book in an epic fantasy trilogy.  I've got half-breeds, talking animals, magic, and all the good stuff.  I've drawn characters, maps, and I've got over 15,000 words done of planning and character bios.  I'll be much more prepared this year than I have EVER been!

And, for the record, here's the status on the other two novels I've written:

Novel 1: NaNo 2009 "The Goblins of Lost"
Complete and in good shape!  About 70,000 words and about 70% edited/proofread.  I hope to have it fully finished editing... oi.  Maybe by Feb?  And once I'm done, I'm going to hand it out to some friends to proofread.  Then I plan on querying to actual editors!  OMG!

Novel 2: NaNo 2010 "The Ambassadors"
Finished and at 50,000 words (I won), but it is reaaaaally poorly written.  I basically went into NaNo unprepared and vomited a lot of words into Microsoft Word.  It will never see the light of day unless I do a LOT of work to it.  It IS a decent story, though, and could have a lot of cool potential if I ever get around to finishing it!

So yeah, that's where I've been!  I'm really excited for NaNo this year and I've been preparing for it ALL YEAR!  I'm doing word prompts at 500 words a day to get me ready!  Is anyone else doing it this year and do you want to be friends on the NaNo site? :D

Anyways, I think that's all I have for now.  Adios!!
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So... I got in last Friday and I've been playing and brewing on it like CRAAAAZAY!  It's a lot of fun!

I sorted Hufflepuff which was a major surprise.  Some of you may remember my screen name "GryffinRose".  I sorted Gryffindor a million times when I first read the books on a million different quizzes so I always identified myself as such BUT Dumbledore himself said that he thinks they sort to early and that people change.  Snape changed, maybe I did too?

Besides, getting to read all of the stuff about Hufflepuffs and the common room and stuff was really cool!  So I'm going to work hard and do my best to help them catch up!

And I guess I'll call myself a Gryfferinpuff from now on!  LOL

BTW, if you see old HP drawings by me on the site (and I mean old... we're talking 2001-2005ish!) they'll be under my username: YewBlood88.  If they aren't under that username, plz report it, okay?  I guess makani had a lot of drawings stolen and I want to keep an eye out for those art thieves!

Anyone else into Pottermore yet?  Any other Hufflepuffs out there?

Oh yes, and I added some stuff to my website to help Pottermorers.  Also made a bunch of cute new pixel arts for it:

Enjoy!  I may need to make a 50x50 Hufflepuff icon and upload that too.  We'll see!  *off to find Hufflepuff Communities on DA*
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I've put off making my own Fleece hat for some time now... but it's time to do it.  So here are my top options:

- Squirrel Rose (… )
- Bulbasaur (… )
- Chikorita (… )
- Meowth (… )
- Mudkip (… )
- Turtwig (… )
- Albert ( ) My "muse" or "thinking cap"
- Knuckles (… )

What do you think would be the best one?  I had a dream I was wearing a Bulbasaur hat that basically looked like a full Bulbasaur plushie squashed on my head so... probably time for me to make myself a hat xD
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So here's my question:  Where do you draw the line between RL and Online work?

Main reason: I wrote a novel for NaNo 2009 and am now in the process of editing it and seriously putting the work into it to where it could be submitted to an editor and possibly published.  I did a teaser image for that same novel back in 2009 and uploaded it to my DA:

But... should I delete it?  And, any further art I do for this novel, since it will be my "professional" name, not "Rose Sagae" should I avoid even posting it on the internet altogether?

I'm not sure how that is supposed to work and was wondering if anyone knew anything.  I know some people with two names have got in trouble for looking like they were plagiarizing themselves and I don't want to do that!

Any suggestions would be very welcome!  Thanks! <3
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Yes, Rose went to Florida for the first part of December.  It was pretty darn awesome!  (even though it was effing cold.  WTF, Florida's not supposed to be cold!)

HP world was all that I could have hope for.  It was VERY cool, but VERY SMALL!  They seriously need to add more to it.  NOW.

I'm eventually going to write a massive entry all about my trip in my blog, but until then, here are the highlights:

- Spending time with two of my greatest friends (sailor-kitty19 included) who I don't see nearly as often as I'd like anymore
- Eating at T-Rex in Downtown Disney (which was under construction last time I was there!)
- Seeing a life-size gingerbread house in the Grand Floridian
- Meeting Donald Duck not once, but FOUR times in FOUR different outfits!!! <3333333333333
- Captain EO, which I had never seen before as it had been long retired before I ever went to Disney for the first time
- Eating at the Teppan Edo, which is my FAVE restaurant in Epcot!
- Kim Possible adventures in Epcot = one word: AMAZING.  Who knew there were so many cool Easter Eggs hidden throughout the World Showcase??
- "Christmas Around the World" at Epcot - very interesting, different takes at worldwide winter holidays!
- Meeting characters in their winter wear!!  Such as, Aladdin and Jasmine in winter cloaks??  SUPER COOL!!! <3
- Epcot's Candlelight Processional with celebrity guest reading the Christmas Story and massive choir.  Beautiful!
- Getting my hair done like a princess at the Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boutique
- Lunch with the princesses in Norway
- Seeing Ariel in her NEW TEAL DRESS!!!  SO BEAUTIFUL!!! <3
- Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party!!!  Free cookies and hot chocolate, fireworks, parades, tons of characters!
- Getting my picture with ALL SEVEN DWARVES!!
- Finally meeting TIANA AND NAVEEN OMGOMGOMG!!! <3
- Meeting Rapunzel and Flynn just DAYS after their movie came out!! <3 <3 <3
- Cinderella's castle with icicle lights.  Absolutely STUNNING.
- Meeting Mother Tremaine and her two evil daughters who were HILARIOUS.  I LOLed.  Definitely some of my new favorite face characters!
- First in line for Universal Studios and running straight back to the Magical World of Harry Potter!!
- Walking through the castle with all of the cool things to see... and letting a million people around me in line because I was taking so many pictures!
- Finally being somewhere where my ultimate HP nerdness was appreciated and accepted!!  LOL!
- A cold day in the park meant there was hardly ANYONE else there and we had practically NO LINES for all of the HP shops and attractions!!
- Meeting other HP fans who are more obsessed than I am.  I was jealous of them.
- The wand shop.  The selection was disappointing because it was only one person out of 20... but the kid they picked from our group was too cute and the whole experience was very magical and VERY cool.  I bought two wands o___o
- The Monster Book of Monsters... which growled and bit until, yes, you stroked its spine.  HOW EPICALLY TRUE TO THE BOOKS!!!
- The Three Broomsticks which was EXACTLY how I imagined it from the owl silhouettes on the walls to the narrow, oddly-placed staircases, to the delicious food, mismatched chairs, and BUTTERBEER.
- BUTTERBEER!!!!!!!11
- Zonko's!!  It was outrageous and hilarious!  It was stocked to the ceiling!  It was packed with odd sound effects and tons to see!  The only way it could have been better would be if it had been Weasley's Wizard Wheezes!
- Honeydukes which had amazing original wrappers and all kinds of book-worthy candies!
- ACTUAL PURCHASEABLE U-NO-POO.  Which, of course, I totally bought.
- All of the shop windows, which were soooooo clever and so fun to look at!
- All of the COOL dark wizard-related things for sale there were soooo cool!  I totally bought a Death Eater hat and Basilisk pin!
- ICE, which was a very cool, very cold ice sculpture display which included a life-size ice Nativity scene and an ICE SLIDE!!!
- Riding the flying Dumbos for the first time ever - my fifth time at the park... xD
- Peter Pan's Magical Flight... which is actually a really amazing ride!!
- Chip and Dale defacing my autograph book...
- Finding Cinderella's horse on the carousel
- Pixie Hollow and meeting Tinkerbell!!
- Seeing Donald's Boat for probably the last time... :(
- New parade in the MK with Sebastian, Genie, AND Lumeire!!  How cool!!
- Meeting and having a really OOC charades conversation with Jessie and Woody ;)
- The Pirate's League... which I am TOTALLY doing next time...
- Photopass Magical Photos... which has to be one of the best kept secrets in the parks.  (Fold your arms like you're holding a baby and they'll magically photoshop a baby Simba in there.  AMAZING!)
- Being right up front for the Dream Along with Mickey show!
- Seeing a parade float malfunction and what it looks like on the inside... veeeery interesting!
- Disney Mini Golf, which was a lot more fun than I expected!
- Finding and actually kissing a frog on Disney grounds!!  But no prince to show for it... sorry...
- Universal Studios, which was completely empty because everyone was at HP.  We walked right onto EVERYTHING.
- Seeing a giant Grover balloon from the Macy's collection!
- Margaritaville with another good friend who I haven't seen in a while!
- The Kennedy Space Center, where I actually saw one of the shuttles on the launch pad.  Very cool!
- All of the newspaper copies from around the world announcing that man had landed on the moon... it was amazing.
- Saw a wild gator and an armadillo from the bus!!
- I learned a TON at the KSC.  It was all very fascinating and SOOOO cool!
- Star Trek Live show at the KSC which was hilarious and very cute!  I actually LOLed!
- Astronaut Hall of Fame, which was very educational and very interesting!
- Hollywood Studios and riding the Tower of Terror like 5 times because it is my favorite ride EVER!!!
- Beating sailor-kitty19 at Toy Story Mania with a cat badge.  BOOYEAH.
- Finding Nemo the Musical which is the most AMAZING SHOW EVER.  It makes me cry every time, it is SO fantastic o___o
- One Man's Dream, which made me cry.
- Amazing lights in the Hollywood Studios... and we found the hidden black cat!

It was a really fun trip.  It was exhausting and I ended up sick, which is why I'm going to spend this entire weekend sleeping.

I hope you all have a wonderful holiday!  Merry Christmas!!

Love, Rose
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Omg, there is a plz account with one of MY icons!

I have never been so honored!!  xD  (well, I guess I would have been more honored/pleased if they would have linked to the deviation for people to comment/fave there... but at least they credited me!)


....that is all :)
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I know it's a little early, but I'm a little nervous about this year!

Last year, as you may recall, was a terrible struggle, but I ended up making it and winning!  This year, I'm not for sure about the story I'm going to do...

I've tentatively decided on "The Ambassadors" which is based loosely off of a dream I had.  Basically, three children in a future-type setting are kidnapped by aliens.  The aliens brief them that the humans are sinful and have been deemed by the intergalactic higher-ups to no longer be worthy of inhabiting the lush planet Earth, or even worthy to continue existing.  The aliens have been sent to wipe out the human race.

Instead, they called three humans who they saw to be pure-of-heart to them: the three kids.  They then tell the kids that they will return the children back to Earth and the kids must then find a way to prove that the humans are worth saving.

Other things that will happen... basically the human government are the bad guys and the kids will learn that the government knew about the impending annihilation all along but haven't done anything about it.  (possibly, the government has been too busy planning a counter-attack on the aliens).  So the aliens are the good guys and the children are their ambassadors.

My main questions to you are:

- Do you think it's doable?  Can I get 50K words out of this?  Is it somewhat interesting?
- How old should my children protagonists be?
- I originally had them age once they returned to Earth in Legend of Zelda fashion - as though the travel through space took 7 years or so to complete, thus making my grade school-aged protagonists high schoolers for the rest of the story.  This also launched them back into lives that had been going on without them (an empty shell of themselves had been living their lives for them and they were immersed back into a world where they were now jaded and corrupt but still had the minds of an innocent and pure child).  Should I do that again?  Or just stick with the kids staying kids?

And, I guess, any other suggestions?  Ideas?  Recommendations?

I'll take whatever help I can get!!  Plot bunnies would be much appreciated!

Also, who else is doing it this year so I can add you as a writing buddy? :)  Here's my account!  Add me!…

Thanks, and good luck to everyone else!!
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OMG what a fun time!

So, this year I went as a Rocket Grunt all three days.  The first two days I had a partner there, the third day I was just on my own.

Here's my breakdown:

My friend Brian arrived in the morning and we finished his costume (I sewed on the R to his hat and shirt, adjusted the belt and whatnot) then we headed down to the convention center which is conveniently like 10-15 minutes from my house.  Holla!  We registered and took a lot of pictures.  I think the first thing we did was wait in line for the Dealer's Room which, I've decided, I should ONLY go to the first hour when it's pre-reg only - because there was no one in there.  Totally worth it!  I bought Ouran Pins and that was really it.  I also bought some buttons in the Artist's Alley this day.  Anyways, after that, we walked around a lot and took more pictures/had our picture taken.  It was awesome because just about everyone knew who we were, though we did get the occasional, "What does R stand for?" and "Are you guys pirates?".  Some people complimented us on the attention to detail on our costume (especially our 'balls).  We got a lot of "Nice balls", which, I'm sure, people meant it to sound the way it did ;)

After dinner we went out to the patio for the Avatar: TLA photoshoot where I fangirled like crazy.  There were three Zukos out there (ended up seeing at least three others over the course of the weekend).  I took a thousand photos and squeed like a little girl.  It was amazing.  We didn't have an Aang until several minutes after the photoshoot had started, but she did finally get there - and she was a girl with a shaved head - amazing!!  Then we went to the Soul Eater photoshoot for Brian, though I don't know much about it.  It was still fun, and I learned a lot as Brian explained things to me.  Every time we took a picture with a Pokemon, we tried to make it look like we were kidnapping them or something - it was so fun!  (which is one of the reasons that, even though it was such a minor costume, it was sooooo fun to play as!).  We went to the AMV hour this night and saw a ton of cosplayers while we waited in line.  We tried to make it to the Anime Girl Fight (I had been to that one last year and it was HILARIOUS) but the line was so long we missed out.  Instead we went to the DDR room and watched for a while (Aang and Zuko on the DDR at the same time = win!)  We also finally made it down to the game room and played Werewolves all night where we laughed super hard and created a new word for our vocabulary: Massionate.

Favorite Cosplays seen this day: Zora; ALL of the Avatar cosplayers!! (including Kyoshi Warrior Suki, Katara, Momo, Zuko, Blue Spirit, Aang, Sokka, Wolf Sokka, and Mai); Sailor Saturn; Card Captor Sakura with Li; other Team Rocket Members including other grunts, one executive, a scientist, and several Jessies and Jameses; Ryuuk; Tamaki (the good one, who would mope when Haruhi was being hit on by someone else); Cheshire Cat Twins; Pedobear; Ember Island Play Toph (some big, muscley guy dressed as Toph, omg I LOLed so hard!!); Aang and Zuko who were twins; Appa and Momo; Light with potato chips bag; Earth Kingdom Zuko and Jin from the date; Toph and Iroh; Shiek; Skull Kid; Box Head Guys; Ryoga

Saturday we went early and made it to one of the Anime rooms, which ended up being the only one we went to the whole time xD  Death Note, the first three episodes.  Then we headed to the Dealer's room again where I caved and bought a Zelda shield and Master Sword made from metal xD  I know, I'm such a nerd but they were SOOOOO cool!  I also bought an Ouran wall scroll and a Ryuuk UFO doll <3

We had the DA Meetup today which was really cool as it was my first one.  There were a ton of people there but we really only just took a picture and dispersed.  :(  I was hoping we'd do sketches or trades or something!  But oh well - maybe next year!  Here's the photo!

We also did the Ouran Photoshoot which was AMAZING!  Everyone was cheering and fangirling and shouting pairings and whatnot.  One Kyoya kissed one Tamaki and everyone went crazy xD  I had to leave after this (thus, missing the Pokemon Photoshoot and the Cosplay contest ;_; ) but made it back in time for the Chris Patton Shares Too Much Panel, which was interesting.  After that, Brian was gone so I walked around a little more and then just went to play Werewolves again - which was fun.  A few of the fun people we had played with the night before showed up and we played with them again!  Then I went home at like 3 AM xD;;

Favorite Cosplays seen this day: Team Aqua and Team Magma (!!!); a guy who made a really good L; more Cheshire Cat Twins; a really good Kyoya who was so super charming and actually gave me a rose <3; Drag!Zelda; Sakura and Li in different outfits; Drag!Misty; Toothless and Hiccup; Totoro; Renge; Tuxedo Mask; Sailor Uranus; Star Fox; Chibi-Usa; the Pimp; little boy Honey; Metal Graymon

Started the day off early waiting in line for Anime Clue which was really clever.  There were anime-themed rooms and weapons (Sakura's staff, Akane's Deadly Cooking, etc.) and characters.  We waited in line and unfortunately, they let random people in the first game, then we asked if we could be in the second since we had been first in line and we were!  My friend Amber even won the game - it was fun!  After that I stayed around hoping to be an alternate for Cosplay Chess (I didn't know the signup was online!) and I was!  I wanted my Rocket Grunt to be a pawn and I totally was xD  So we headed over and waited around for Cosplay Chess to start.  I got stage fright, but it was a lot of fun!  I was on the White Team and Aang was our king - the other team had Sailor Moon and Zuko.  At one point the Aang piece took the Zuko piece which was EPIC!!!  My character even had a kill, so I killed some Kingdom Hearts villain - I called in Charizard from the crowd to kill her for me - then I was killed :(  It was so fun, my team ended up winning!

After that, I immediately headed upstairs to wait in line for autographs.  There wasn't anyone I was terribly interested in (Dubs are sux0r) but the guy who voiced Ranma was there, so why not?  I got Richard Ian Cox (Ranma) to sign a Ranma DVD, Patrick Seitz (Nekozawa!!) who drew me a picture of the puppet, and some other lady who recognized me as Team Rocket and drew me a Koffing - LOL.  After that, I was so pooped.  I went back to the Dealer's Room to pick up a Christmas present and changed out of my costume.  I went to the Disney Princess Photoshoot, but there were only 3 of them there so I took a few pictures and had to leave early... that was it!

Favorite Cosplays seen this day:
Watari (with L on his laptop); Steelix; Tinkerbell (who scored bonus points for making some small girl's day with pixie dust!)

Going as a Team Rocket Grunt for at least one day - probably Friday?  We're planning a Team Rocket Takeover so I'll make little Rs for people to pin to their jackets when we've "recruited" them.  I am FOR SURE going to be someone from Avatar.  If there isn't a character from Legend of Korra that I want to be, then I'm going to be Fire Nation Suki:…

I've also thought about being Girl-type Ranma and one of the Ouran Hosts, though I can't decide which one.  I'm not tall or short enough to be Mori or Honey and I would LOVE to be a twin but don't have someone to be a twin with me... so I'm thinking probably Tamaki, just because there were only two Tamakis there this year.  I don't know though!  I've also thought about going as Team Magma, but I don't know if it would be as fun/as recognizable as Team Rocket!

I slept in today (as I had, smartly, requested it off) and am heading back to work tomorrow.  My next Con is a Pirate one this weekend, then the Sci-fi/Fantasy one in October, which I am working on a Quidditch costume for!  Then... I guess I need to start on some anime cosplays for next year ;)

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Okay, the annual Anime Con in Denver, CO is coming up next weekend!  Last year, the 2009 edition was my first ever Con!  This year, I'm more prepared (or am I?)

Live in the area?  COME ON FOR GOSH SAKES:

So I'm making my packing list for the weekend (I live in town, so I can take different things every day)... what should I make sure I bring?  Here's what's on my list so far:

:bulletpurple: DVD to be Autographed (Voice of Ranma will be there <3) - may or may not want to wait in line for this, but just in case!
:bulletpurple: Clipboard and paper, pencils, pens - for Devmeet (!!!!!) I've never done one before, and hopefully I can make it and do some im-promptu art trades??  Anyone else coming, check it out:…
:bulletpurple: Backpack with Snacks
:bulletpurple: Hats to Sell??? (thinking about taking my extra "testing" fleece animal-ear hats from the past year to sell for like $5 each... not sure if that's illegal or what, but worth a shot??)
:bulletpurple: Highlighter to map out my schedule of events
:bulletpurple: Camera!!!  + extra batteries!!!  + video camera too?  Possibly?
:bulletpurple: Lots of money!!!
:bulletpurple: ID so I can get my drink on at the bar!! (Imma need it.  Last year I remember being surrounded by teenagers and thinking "MUST. HAVE. LIQUOR.")
:bulletpurple: Rocket Costume and accessories!! (belt, hat, whip (for Rocket Grunt v.1), Pokeballs, Pokemon, Pokewalker, DS)  Should I take a big Pokemon too?  I have a big, life-size stuffed Turtwig - should I bring him along?
:bulletpurple: Extra pair of shoes in case/when my boots get too uncomfortable
:bulletpurple: Change of clothes to a normal person - for when I have to leave (Grandma's b-day lunch on Saturday, picnic with neighbors on Sunday)
:bulletpurple: Cell phone - with numbers for my friends attending! (yay, this year I'm not going alone! xD)

I'm also thinking about reviving my costume from last year for the last day, simply because I don't know if I want to wear the same outfit three days in a row AND because my Team Rocket partner won't be there on Sunday.  This is what I was last year:… - her, with that diary, in her work uniform

For the record, no one knew who I was last year xD  But I put a decent amount of effort into that costume, dammit!

Also... any suggestions on how to do my hair for the Rocket costume?  I was thinking about using the gel/waxy stuff I have to spike the ends to make it look more Anime.  Should I wear it down and spiked... or in pigtails and spiked...?

Anyways, I'm bummed that I have to skip out for some things, but I'm going to make the most of what I can.  (and I'm going to cry if I miss the Avatar, Ouran, or Pokemon photoshoot!!  ;__; )
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I've been on a huge pirate kick lately.  Like, even moreso than I was during the PotC releases!  (even moreso than when I was a little girl and wanted to grow up to be Captain Hook)  I've discovered several pirate groups in town and have been trying to attend some of their events (as much as possible, considering I can never talk anyone else into going with me and I'm such a chicken to go alone) and I've been having such a blast!

So this morning, after pirating at a movie theater last night, I picked up Cazal's story for the first time in years.  I've decided that, if I get more involved in the pirate thing and learn more about period correctness and stuff, I should write out Cazal's story before then since I know it is going to be WAY inaccurate.  I've known that since I started writing it xD

I'm thinking I'll at least try to get his backstory written since that's the part with all of the history and stuff that will get in my way.  I'm thinking about possibly using his official story (the one with the mermaid) as my NaNo this year, but I'm not sure.  After all, NaNo and the stress of it totally ruined my Goblin novel last year, I'm not sure I want to do that to myself on a story I care about!

Anyways, I'll publish his backstory to his website sometime soonish maybe.

I also want to draw him again - either as an anthro or as a human with real/NICE pirate clothes, not the silly outfit I had picked for him before ;)

I mean, it's not terrible, but now that I've seen what people have done with their costumes, I TOTALLY want to re-do it.  I'll give him a headband, a utility belt and scabbard and all of that good stuff.

Basically I'll go crazy like I can't in real life - since I'm no way going to fork out the money all at once for an awesome pirate costume (maybe a little here and there).

So any suggestions for a new outfit for Captain Cazal, let me know ;)

I also think it's interesting and kind of cool - one of the pirate groups has a logo that has an animal skull.  It looks like horse or bovine?  And Cazal's colors consist of a horse skull in a bandana with crossed swords - I totally want to like, draw that on myself for the next pirate event!!
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I hit 75K!  I meant to mention it and do a kiriban but meh, too late now!

I need a new ID.  My old one is like 2 almost 3 years old.  So what should I do?

I thought about finally finishing this picture:

That pic is really old, but my art hasn't improved since then, so it's okay to go ahead and finish it, right? xD  Plus, I still love that picture.

BTW, new Artemis Fowl book next month - YAY.

Went and saw Sorcerer's Apprentice which was actually a very good movie with a cool story despite my low expectations!

I went to the Renaissance Festival here in CO last weekend and bought myself a pirate outfit and a SHOULDER DRAGON-GRYPHON-PARROT that is like a puppet.  I can operate him with a cable so he can turn his head and bob it up and down and it looks like he's real!  I named him Wiskit and I'm tempted to draw him as a character - we'll see!

I'm certified in my field of nursing now as of a month ago or so.  This just means I decided to do something extra to show my dedication to my specialty, I have 2 years in my chosen area, and I passed an exam for it.  So there you go - I'm a professional.

I'm in the process of planning trips to Mexico and Japan - possibly a trip to Florida as well.

Well, that's about it for now.  I'm off!
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So, forever ago, when Avatar was coming out with new episodes, I always wanted to watch it but was so busy with school that I never did.  I know mindsend would talk about it and it always sounded interesting, but I never got into it... until now.

With the movie coming out, earlier this month I decided to try catching some episodes to see if I could figure out what the show was like.  I knew a few of the key points from chats with Mindsend: Aang was the last Aibender and the Avatar, the Avatar was a special hero-type, Appa was the adorable flying bison, and Katara and Aang belonged together.

Thankfully, shortly after I tried DVRing a few episodes (and getting lost, scrambling through season 2 and 3), Nicktoons decided to start showing all of the episodes in order :)  So I've been watching them and catching up - finally caught up on Friday night, without too many spoilers ruining the endings for me!!

It lived up to all of the hype.  I thought it was a great story, there were a lot of hilarious moments, cool characters, awesome animation and fight scenes.

I'm excited for the movie (so long as Shamylan doesn't ruin it).

I made Avatar Avatars to celebrate and I bought myself a "Fire Nation" t-shirt to wear (debating trying to put my hair up in a top-knot and/or give myself a facial scar too...).  Naturally, I loved Zuko.

So yeah, that's my new guilty pleasure!  I just wish I could have had the time to watch them as they were happening rather than cram the month before the movie comes out but, oh well x)

Other than that, I had my housewarming this last weekend to I'm somewhat officially moved in.  Also passed my certification making me a "top-notch" OR nurse.

I had moments were I wanted to do some art, but I never found my tablet while unpacking.  Just last night, I figured it must be lost when I remembered the one box that is not unpacked yet: the scanner!  I had wrapped the tablet in something soft and slid it inbetween the scanner and the inside of the box!

So I finished a quick image last night of Rose as a first year student at Avistrum (a Colorado-based group does roleplay and live events based on Harry Potter!  I went to one event and am officially signing up, starting as a first year, so I wanted a picture!).  Hopefully I'll post my intro to their forums tonight :)  I'll throw the image in scraps in case anyone wants to see it :)

After all of that rambling and rambling.  I still have a somewhat busy summer, oi!

PS - OMG ECLIPSE COMES OUT THIS WEEEKKKKKKK!!!  I hope Avatar schools it in the box office, but I'm not going to hold my breath.  I AM going to see it with some friends on Wednesday night, but don't worry, I'll be there as the jaded cynic with my buttons that say "Edward is a Creeper".  Any other anti-Twilight slogans would be well-appreciated :)

Love ya!
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I've decided, for the sake of easiness, I'm going to go to NDK as a "Beginner Cosplayer" Pokemon.  Meaning - I'm not going to put a whole ton of work into the costume.  So I need something that would be somewhat recognizable, easy, and something that (hopefully) no one else would be wearing too!  

So, here is a list of a few of my very favorite Pokemon (it was hard to narrow it down this much!) - and I've listed only the ones who I think would make a decent costume.

Shaymin (Sky Forme)

TOUGH CHOICES!!  Help me narrow it down, plz.

PS - SEND ME LLAMAZ PLZ.  I llama back!
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... is like my favorite show EVER!!!

I went and saw Ben Bailey (the host) last night at a local comedy club.  It was hilarious, I laughed so hard I got the hiccups!  That, and I was like "OMG it's really him!!!!" he's pretty funny - really good at improv.  Half of the show was him making fun of the people in the audience, which is always 10x more funny than anything they bring prepared!  Oh, and he is WAY tall.  He's like 6.5 feet.

That, and of all the people there, guess who won the door prize!!! :D  That's right, THIS GIRL!

I won $20 in taxi cab fares, 5 free shows at the club, and a mini taxi-shaped stress ball SIGNED BY BEN BAILEY!!!  OMG I was soooo excited!! :D  I will treasure it forever!! :la:

Other than that, I have a few artsy things in-the-works, but none of them are even close to being finished.

I'm buying a house.  Scary, huh?  I'm shopping around for one I like and then I'll hopefully be in it by May/June (a.k.a. in enough time to put the $8,000 tax credit in my pocket).  So far I've found a bunch of cute ones - only one that I really like (though I'm somewhat convinced it's haunted...).  The one that I MOST want to see, every time we've gone there to look at it, the lock box is frozen xD  So hopefully we'll be able to go again next week.  This time I'm bringing a hair dryer and an extension cord.
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Anyone Else Nanoing?

Journal Entry: Mon Nov 16, 2009, 7:45 PM

Looking for buddies - my account feels kind of empty, lawl:…

I finally hit 23K which, while I'm still crazy behind, is almost the halfway point!!  I gave up on trying to make a story I'd be totally happy with and now I'm just kind of having fun with it x)  At this point it reminds me of Artemis Fowl meets E.T. meets the Labyrinth... or something.

My human girl is disguised as a goblin and is just about to sneak into the goblins' lair to steal an article of clothing.  And my goblins just locked her aunt in the bathroom.  Just thought I'd share. xD

That's what I've been trying to do, lately, trying to catch up.  Hopefully I'll be there by the end of this week and then I'm going to STAY caught up if it kills me.  Catching up really sucks, I don't want to do it again xD

I am sewing a new hat at the moment, my first real commission!  I just have one small feature to add to it and then it will be complete.

For anyone else who does commissions - how do you handle payment?  Do you ask for part of it up front?  Or do you send them a picture to "approve" before you ask them for payment?  My first "commission" is for my sister, so it's not like a huge deal (I know where she lives...), but if I were to do these with people who live elsewhere or people I don't know very well, how should I do it?

Thanks for any input!

And here's my final dillema for the night...

Should I go to New Moon this weekend?  On one hand, I want to go so I can laugh and make fun of people.  On the other hand, I don't want my money to contribute to it being the top of the box office.  In fact, I don't want my money to ever go towards promoting that franchise ever again!  So what to do, what to do...

There's a lady from work who may go on Friday, so if she does, I'll go with her... otherwise, we'll see xD  Out of respect for friends who actually do like the series, though, I'll try to tone it down some.  Though I think it'd be hilarious to wear an insulting t-shirt... I don't want my ass to get kicked by rabid "twilighters".

That's all! <3

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Yay journal skin

Journal Entry: Wed Nov 11, 2009, 9:28 PM

For a limited time only?  wth

BUT ANYWAYS.  Life has been busy.  I've been doing NaNoWriMo and failing miserably :(  Well, I guess I'm not failing MISERABLY considering my previous record was only 5K-some and I'm already at 12K for this one!  But I need to be at 20K or so for the weekend and I've run out of stuff to write... at least, I reached the end of the outline I had made ahead of time.

I'm wondering if the outline is the problem.  I've never really tried it before and I'm thinking maybe having a specific set of what I want to have happen in what order is more of a hindrance rather than a help.  Maybe it's putting a damper on my creative juices D:  I DID come up with a solution for one of my temporary blocks the other day, so that was good.  I've just been sleeping more than typing lately, so I haven't made much progress D:

Next thing in my sewing to-do is a scarf for the Tink hat friend to match her hat as her birthday and Christmas are pretty much synonymous.  I also might have some commissions rolling in ;D  We'll see - I'll test them out with some close friends first and then I could open these for realz.

BTW, remember the rat hat?  I gave it to my friend who I made it for (so it was a little early - but I'm not sure if I'll see her again before Christmas and I wanted to see the look on her face).  I was a little nervous that she'd like it, but she LOVED it xD  She immediately started wearing it around IN PUBLIC.  I was so pleased xD  And also kind of touched xD

I need to draw something for my dad tonight as his birthday is tomorrow and I haven't made him a card yet.  D'oh!  So I'll scan that whenever it's done.

Um, I think that's it for now.  Peace out!

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(better late than never...)

Welcome to October, National Breast Cancer Awareness Month!

Breast Cancer is a threat to men and women alike! Tell the ones you love to keep up with their self checks and to make sure they are getting in for their yearly doc appointment. Early detection is KEY to stopping breast cancer before it becomes fatal! Yearly mammograms are recommended for any woman over the age of 40 but should be done earlier if they know they are at risk (someone in their family has a history of breast or any other cancer). There is really no such thing as being too safe.

Remind someone today to schedule a checkup with their doctor or to set themselves up for a mammogram! This site is an awesome resource for breast self exams - how to do them, when to do them, etc. Pass on the link! Also, you can go [here] to learn more about the Susan G. Komen fund to stop breast cancer - you can also donate to the cause on that site :)

Anyone whose seen some of my pink avatars over the years will understand the Pink Posse and has probably been in it before.  If not, read on!

In order to be in the Pink Posse, you simply have to change your avatar.  Either change it so that it's pink, re-color it, or you can add on one of my "DIY add-ons" to your current avatar if you'd prefer that instead!

(I'm not a subscriber anymore, so if you'd rather see the journal entry with the actual pictures rather than links, jump back to my old one:… )

Here are some free Breast Cancer-themed avatars to use this month.  Be sure to read the artists Terms of Use before using any of these!………… fantasystockavatars.deviantart… fantasystockavatars.deviantart…………

Public Add-Ons/DIY Awareness Month Avatars
Anyone may add any of the below images to their current or favorite avatar in order to make it BCA-themed!  These were all made by me - credit is not required, but would be muchly appreciated!

Ribbons (With/Without White Border)………………………………

Bras (With/Without White Border)………………

Words (With/Without White Border)……………………………………

My Signature
If you want to be a totally awesome person and credit me in your avatar as well as your sig, this is my signature.  You can pick either the normal purple one or an (appropriately-colored) pink one :)……

Why is this so important to me?  Both of my grandmothers have been diagnosed with (and survived!) breast cancer.  I want to do my part to help spread awareness and eradicate this disease before I have to see anyone else I love suffer from it!

That said, now it's time for the list of PINK POSSE!  All this month I will be adding people to the list below if they have a pink avatar.  Whether they're using a public one, or if they've added DIY add-ons to their avatar, or if they've simply done their own pink avatar, they'll get added below to get shown off in all their pink glory!  ;)  (if you would like to be added, simply comment on this journal and I'll go through and add the pink avatars I see.)

Pink Posse 2009
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