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My Little Avengers: Thor
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I spent much of my time waiting in line for the Avengers watching My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic so the two fandoms were bound to blur together at some point.

I posted to Twitter that I was tempted to draw Avengers fanart in the MLP style and that tweet got more retweets than anything I'd ever posted before so... here we go!

First up is Pony Thor who I've decided to call Asgard Thunder. Thor the pony is similarish to Fluttershy. She has wings (reminicent of original!Thor's helmet) and her cutie mark is the Mjolnir hammer crossed with a lightning bolt.

Best part about this style? The thick and forgiving lines!!

Also, you should totally do a google image search for "thor pony" because there's tons of awesome ones out there including a screencap of canon!Thor Pony!!

And, crossing it with the third fandom, I think Thor would totally be a Hufflepuff.

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Thor (c) Marvel
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KattyShan|Hobbyist General Artist
I'd love to see her with some braids though (so nordic!) but, she looks just perfect as is :D

I can't wait to see how you do the Hulk one, LOL...DON'T LET ME DOWN! xD
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Presuming you meant to genderswap Thor (as opposed to drawing him as a male pony, a la Big Macintosh), this is pretty awesome :) (You might consider, then, drawing Black Widow in the male style, as the token colt teammate).

You might consider making Thor an alicorn (wings and horn); after all, he IS an Asgardian. Up to you, of course.

Looking forward to the others!
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