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Hufflepuff Jawn by RoseSagae Hufflepuff Jawn by RoseSagae
Most of the people in the Sherlock fandom seem to think John Watson is a Gryffindor... I humbly disagree!

John's most important personality trait is his loyalty, one of the paramount traits of the Hufflepuff house! He had barely known Sherlock in "A Study in Pink" before he was willing to shoot a man in his defense! Not to mention he's compassionate, friendly, just, and patient (who else could stand to live with Sherlock).

Of course, people who write and draw Potterlock fanfiction and fanart are welcome to place him wherever they'd like, I just think John is a model Hufflepuff! Rather than just shunting him into Gryffindor because he's "brave", lets look at his many other and more important qualities, shall we? ;)

Of course I'm a little biased but whatevs.

So anyways, I've been doing little pics of John for Red Pants Monday on Tumblr (it's a thing, look it up. Basically, it's why he's wearing red undies) and I wanted to do one of him as a Hufflepuff so... here it is!

It's been a while since I put this much work into a picture. Probably took me around 2 hours (with a lot of distractions).

Image (c) RoseSagae
Hufflepuff (c) J.K. Rowling
John Watson (c) Sir Arthur Conan Doyle (and the BBC, I guess)
Deserti Featured By Owner Jan 24, 2013   Digital Artist
I definitely agree, he's more of a Hufflepuff than a Gryffindor. I love how this is a Red Pants Monday picture, too. x3 Genius.
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